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People who escape war starvation or bad govt.
Lives in a country permanently
Living in country, but not a citizen
Process by which resident aliens become citizen
Affirmative Action
Help minorities to gain oppurtunities they were denied in the past
Certain numbers of minorities must be hired or accepted colleges
Things we're required to do
Obligations people fulfill voluntary
Articles of Confederation
1st form of govt.
Reserved Power
Given to states
Enumerated Power
Given specifically to National Govt.
Concurrent Power
Shared by National and State Govt.
Bill of Rights
1st 10 amendments
States the purpose of govt
Proposing Amendments
2/3's vote of congress
Ratifying Amendments
3/4's of state legistlatures approve it
5th Amendment
No self incrimination
2nd Amendment
Right to bear arms
18th Amendment
22nd Amendment
2 term limit for president
1st Amend
Religious and political freedom
4th Amendment
Freedom from illegal searches and seizures
26th Amendment
18yr. old voting rights
Exclusionary Rule
Illegally obtained evidence that con't be used in court of law
Eminent Domain
Govt. has right to take private property for public use
What is needed to obtain a search warrant?
Specific Place, Time, and what they are looking for
The criminal act of printing lies about other people
Paid money to get out of jail untill trial
More govt. control
Less govt. control
Spreading less ideas to shape opinions
Recall Elections
Allows voters to remove someone from office
Allows voters to approve or reject state laws
Allows citizens to propose laws and amendments on state level
Join the crowd
Associating an idea with a candidate
Franking Privilege
Free postal service for congress
Standing Committee
Permanent committe that focuses on a particular area
Joint Committee
Committee of members of bothe house of congress
Select Committee
Temporary committee formed to deal with a particular area
Sub Committee
Smaller groups withing a standing committee
Party Platform
Views and goals
Public condemnition of behavior
What are the qualfications of term/size of House of Reps?
Qualifications: 1) 25yrs old
2) Citizen for 7 years, and 3) Resident of the state they represent. Term=2years. Depends on population
What are the qualfications of term/size of Senate?
Qualifications: 1) 30yrs old 2) Citizen for atleast 9 years, and 3)Resident of the state they represent. Term=6years. 2 per state
A tactic for defeating a bill in the Senate by talking until the bill's sponsor withdraws it.
To set a congressional bill aside in committee without considering it
Procedure used in the SEnate to limit debate on a bill (1hr. long)
Conference Committee
A joint committee of Confress consisting of members of the House nad the Senate to work on the details of a proposed law
What are the qualifications/term for president?
Qualifications: 1) 35yrs old 2) Native born, and 3) U.S. representative for 14yrs prior to election. Term=4yrs
Comander in Chief
Has final say on all military matters
A group made up of the heads of the executive departments, the Vice President, and other important officials.
Pocket Veto
Killing a bill~~~10 day rule~it becomes a law
Pardon Power
Apply to federal crimes
25th Amendment
Succession and Disability for President
An official representative of a country's government
Dissenting Opinion
the written statement of a judge who disagrees with the majority decisions
Majority Opinion
A statment explaining the majority view in a case in which the justices are divided
Authority to hear a case
A court calendar
The opposing side in a dispute
Brown v. Board of Education
Ended school segregation
This group must approve all presidenatial appointments
Requires many woman to work
Afirmative Action
Voters decide new law to take place