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Amendment 1
~Freedom of Speech
~Freedom of Press
~Freedom of Petition
~Freedom of Religion
~Freedom of Assembly
Amendment 2
Right to bear Arms
Amendment 3
Not required to house soldiers during times of peace
Amendment 4
~No unreasonable search and seizure
~Court authorization required for a search warrant
-Probable Cause
-Exclusionary rule and Plain View Exception
Amendment 5
1->Due Process
3->Double Jeopardy
4->Right to own property
5->Eminent Domain
Amendment 6
~Rights to a Speedy and Public Trial
~Right to trial by your PEERS.
~Right to confront WITNESSES.
~Right to an ATTORNEY.
Amendment 7
Right to Jury TRIAL in Civil cases
(involving $$$$)
Amendment 8
~Allowed bail
~No CRUEL or UNUSUAL punishment
Amendment 9

~Right to to live/travel
~Right to work
~Right to marry / raise a family.
~Right to an education
~Join a political party, union, or legal group.
~Right to privacy
Amendment 10
Reserved powers: rights granted to the states
Free Exercise Clause
Americans can practice any faith they wish (or choose not to practice any)
Spoken lies with intent to harm others
Written lies intended to hurt others
Establishment Clause
Prevents Congress from establishing an official religion of the US
Eminent Domain
The government may TAKE your property for Public GOOD!
Exclusionary View
Any evidence found during an unauthorized search is not admissable in court
Plain View exception
Any evidence found during an unauthorized search is not admissable in court EXCEPT for thing that are out in the open and obvious (ex. dead body lying on the floor)
Due Process
A procedure that must be followed before you may be denied your freedom
Grand Jury
Review information / evidence to see if there is justification to proceed to trial.
Formal charge of a crime
You don't have to say anything that might hurt you in court
Double Jeopardy
You can not be charged twice with the same crime