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Magna Carta/Great Charter
Magna Carta means "Great Charter" in Latin. Document that limited the monarch's power, saying no one would ever be above the law
Mayflower Compact
A government plan drawn up by the Pilgrims for the new world. Direct democracy in New England
Common Law
A system of law based on precedent and customs
English Bill of Rights
Declared citizens' rights. Big influence on American Bill of Rights
Code of Hammurabi
"Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" philosophy
Constitution of the Iroquois Nation
An influence on the Declaration of Indepedence. ("We the people...")
The British legislature
The Englightenment
The Age of Reason, many philosophers, era that many ideas that formed America came from
John Locke
A seventeeth-century philosopher who wrote the Second Treatise of Government, a main influence on Thomas Jefferson when he wrote the Declaration of Independence
Second Treatise of Government
Written by John Locke, published in 1690. Good govt= social contract between the people and rulers. People give up some freedom for protection of govt. If govt misuses power, people have right to overthrow said govt.
Social Contract theory
Explains the origin and the purpose of human rights.
Natural Rights
The Founding Fathers believed that we all have God given rights that no one else has the right to take away.
Limited Government
Govt is not omnipotent--- it may do only those things that people have given it the power to do.