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What is the legislative branch made up of?
It is made up of congress which is bicmeral "two houses" Senate in the upperhouse 2 senators from each state, house of Representatives lower house based on population of state
What are the qualifications to be in the senate or house of representatives?
Senate-30 yrs old,9 years of citizenship, and lives in the state they represent
House of representatives- 25 years of age,7 years of citezenship, live in state they represent
What are the powers of congress?
to make laws, coin $, declare war, and impeach executive and judicial branch
What is the process of a bill?
1)writing of a bill
2)bill placed in hopper(box)
3)bill assigned to a comitee
4)Bill moves to floor for debate
5) Bill is voted on by both houses begining with the house of representatives.
6) Bill goes to conference comittee to view any changes that may have occured
7)Bill is passed by both houses presented to the president to be signed into law. If the law is rejected it goes back to the house and senate for revision the vetto can be overidden by 2/3 majority vote.
What are the limitations on the legislative branch?
President can veto
President can call congress into special session
Supreme Court can declare laws unconstitutional
Whatt are the types of commitees?
Standing comittee-perminant comittee,resposible for congressional business
Subcomittee- standing commitees are divided into to these comittees to focus on a specific task
select commitees- deal with issues such as governmental scandels/ investigations
joint committees- are two commitees made up of equal representatives and senators
Conference comittes- formed to work out compromises
In what two ways can amendments be prpposed?
1ST bill pass both house 2/3 majority vote, congress may put on time limit for 7 years
2nd Constitutional Convention-2/3 legislature and 3/4 state
In what two ways can amendments be ratified?
ratified by the legislature or convention
Why have there been so few amendments?
The process is so complex for amendments.
How many terms do the house and senate serve?
The house serves for 2 years and the senate 6 years
For a bill to become a law...
the House and Senate must pass it
If the state population decrease then the number of senators...
stays the same
Name 2 ways to propose an amendment
1st bill pass both houses, 2/3 majority
goes to states, congress often put it on time limit

2nd Constitutional Convention to be called by 2/3 legislatures and the cinvention to propose one or more amendments, state 3/4
Name 2 ways to ratified an amendment
3/4 of states the
specify whether the bill is passed by legislature or convention