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Theodore/Edith Roosevelt
Republican, Panama Canal "trustbuster" Nobel Peace Prize
Woodrow/Edith Wilson
Democrat, League ofNations Peace Prize Panama Canal World War I
FDR/ Eleanor
Democrat, WWII Pearl Harbor Great Deppresion "New Deal" 21st amend.
Harry/ Bess Truman
Democrat, WWII ends "Fair Deal" Desegregate military CIA NATO United Naions
Dwight/Mamie Eisenhower
Republican, Brown v, Board Cold War Korean War Race for Space
JFK/ Jacie
Democrat, Cold War Cuban Mssile Crisis Affirmative Action New Frontier
Democrat, Medicare Medicaid Food Stamp Vietnam starts
Richard/Pat Nixon
Republican, Leave Nam End Draft AntiCrime Laws
Gerald/Betty Ford
Republican, pardoned Nixon end of Nam
Jimmy/Roselyn Carter
Democrat, Iran&Israel traety Dept. of Energy
Ronald/Nancy Reagan
Republican, Ended Cold War Treaty with SU
George/Barbara Bush
Republican, troops to Iraq NAFTA ADA
Bill/Hillary Clinton
Democrat, Don't Ask Don' Tell NAFTA