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political party
an associative of voters with common interests who want to influence government decisions by electing a candidate from their party
one party system
system where the party & the government are the same (china)
multi-party system
three or more parties compete for government control (canada)
two-party system
two parties dominate the political system
democratic-republican party
Thomas Jefferson/wanted to limit the power of national government/more power to the states/protect individual rights/strict interpretation of the constitution("if it doesn't say it you can't do it
federalist party
alexander hamilton/wanted a strong national government & strong president/ loose interpretation of constitution("the government should do what is necessary for the nation")
whig party
party between 1830&1850 that became the republicans
third party
challenges the other two parties, can affect the outcomes of elections and may influence government and policy
less government involvement
more government involvement
1890s made up of farmers&laborers, called for direct election of senators&eight hour working day
around 1900; wanted reforms in society; biggest candidate was theodore roosevelt after his presidency
single-issue parties
arise tp promote an issue(prohibitionist partyin 1872 wanted to ban the sale of alcohol