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How many people make up the Missouri senate?
A trial jury who can't make a decision on guilt or innocence is a _____ jury.
A chief justice's term is how long?
for life
What state was the first to ratify the constitution?
What is boycott?
refusal to buy
What plan is based on population?
the virginia plan
Any group can do what to the constitution?
propose a change
What was sent to the king?
declaration of independance
Where is the constitution located right now?
the national archives building in washington DC
Who is the father of the constitution
James Madison
Where did the santa fe trail begin?
How old must you be to become president?
How long is a U.S. senator's term?
6 years
Which group wanted a bill of rights to be added to the constitution?
Who actually elects the president
the electoral college
What is the average age of the framers?
How long is the term of government for missouri?
4 years
What is the fourth amendment?
search and seizures
What is the first amendment?
freedom of religion speech press assembly and petition
What is the second amendment?
the right to bear arms
What is the third amendment?
quartering of troops
When was the constitution approved?
September 17,1787
what is the 5th amendment?
criminal proceedings; due process; eminent domain
What is the seventh amendment?
civil trials
what is the sixth amendment?
criminal proceedings
what is the eighth amendment?
punishment for crimes
What is the ninth amendment?
unenumerated rights
what is the tenth amendment
powers reserved to the states
What are concurrent powers?
powers shared by the federal and state governments
The constitution was written at a convention held in where?
The law-making body of England is called _____
How old must a senator be?
The US government is divided into how many branches?
A representative must be how old?
Congress is the ____ branch
When the power of one branch of government is blocked by the power of another branch of gov, this is the concept of ______.
checks and balances
A census must be taken every how many years?
Who is the head of the country's armed forces?
the president
Who is second in line if the pres dies?
vice presidnet
Several states refused to ratify the constituution unless what was added?
a list of rights protecting liberties
Who decides if the person is guilty or no guilty?
the grand jury
What does prohibition mean?
forbidding the sale, manufacture, and use of alcoholic beverages
Slavery was abolished in what amendment?
Who is the governor of Missouri?
Matt Blunt
The chief legal advisor for the state is.
A. Governor
B. Lt. Governor
C. Attorney General
D. Secretary of state
c. attorney general
The longest river in the US is the _____.
What is the statement called which is read during the time of an arrest?
miranda rights
What is the symbol of Missouri's geographical gateway to the west?
Santa Fe Trail
Who was considered the politcal boss of kanssas city, who also helped truman gain his first political office?
Tom Pendergast
The only president who was a native of missouri was.....
A serious crime is called a...