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Appeal to Authority
claiming something is true because an authority says it's true but aren't an authority in the area discussed;aren't named;your statement is faulty
Mr. Heinecke says the best way to fix car problems is to just give the car a good sharp kick
Appeal to Force or Fear
a person of authority supports their claim by threatening the audience with undesirable consequences if the audience doesn't accept the claim
Vote for me, or you'll be sorry
supporting a claim by stating that "everyone" believes or does this
Why be the only person who doesn't shop at the Gap?
Attacking the Person/Hominem
attacking a person's character, or his motives for believing something, instead of disproving arguments. (happens a lot in political debates)
My uncle says that all murderers should be put to death because nobody would want to murder anymore

Wasn't your uncle in jail once? I don't think we can trust somebodies opinion who was once a criminal
Circular Logic
when u include the concept you are defining in the definition of the concept
shut up butt head

what's a but head
a butt head is what you are butt head
Hasty generalization
drawing conclusions from too little evidence and relying on stereotypes
All Civics teachers are great
Slippery Slope Bad Precedent
assuming that a proposed step will set off and uncontrollable chain of undesirable events
If you don't stop smoking cigarettes, then you are going to start shooting heroin
Red Herring
avoidign the ? and saying something irrelevant. Someone may think it provesa side, but it really doesn't
Why should i study math? I don't want to be a math teacher.