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theory that says the state evolved from family (head of primitive family was authority that served as government)
Evolutionary Theory
theory that says government emerged when all people of an area were brought under the authority of one person or a group
Force Theory
theory that says god chooses who rules
Divine Rights Theory
theory that says people surrendar to state the power needed to maintain order
Social Contract Theory
type of government: totalitarian dictatorship, monarchy, absolute monarchs, and constitutional monarchs
type of government: communists, derive powers from wealth, military power, social position, or religion
type of government: direct, representative, individual liberty, majority rule, free elections, competing political parties
type of economic system: private ownership and control of property and economic resources, free enterprise, competition among businesses, freedom of choice, possibility of profits
type of economic system: the distibutions of wealth among people, society's control of all major decisions about production, public ownership of most land, factories, and other means of production
type of economic system: command economy, bourgeoisie, and proletariat