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What does the Preamble do?
States the purpose and goals of the Constitution
What groups starts impeachment charges?
House of Representatives
What is a erson's right to appear in court called?
Writ of Habeaus Corpus
What is the manin functino of the executive branch?
enforce laws
What is the main functin of the judicial branch?
Interpret Laws
What is the main funciton of the legislative branch?
Make laws
What is the section in the Constitution that gives Congress the power to pass laws "necessary and proper" to fulfil its other duties so it can adapt to changing times called?
Elastic Clause
What is the term of office for justices of the U.S. Supreme Court?
For life unless impeached
What is treason?
Aiding enemies against our country
What part of the Constitution says that the federal government overrules state government?
Supremacy Clause
What principle of government means people are the source of governments power?
Popular Sovereinty
What principle of government means the Constitution restricts the powers of government?
Limited Government
What principle of government says each branch of government has power to control actions of other branches?
Checks and Balances
What principle of government says each branch of government are separate, yet equal to eachother?
Separation of Powers
What type of law punishes without a trial?
Bill of Attainder
What type of lawm which is unconstitutional, punishes for something that was not illegal when it was done?
Ex Post Facto Law
What was the court case that established the principle judicial review?
Marbury V. Madison
When did the U.S. Constitution go into effect?
June 21st, 1788
Where are impeachment trials held?
The Senate
Where did the Constitutional Convention meet?
Where in the Constitution can the qualifications to become President be found?
Article 2
Where must all revenue bills originate?
House of Representatives
Which Article of the Constitution lists teh powers of Congress?
Article 1
Which Article of the Constitution tells how laws are made?
Article 1
Which plan proposed during the Constitutional Convention wanted s Congress based on population?
Virginia Plan
Who appoints Justices to the Supreme Court?
The President
Who has the power to admit new state?
Who has the power to declare war?
WHo is the presiding officer of the senate?
Vice President
Who must approve all appointmeants to the Supreme Court?
Who must approve all treaties negotiated by the President?
Who presides over the impeachment trial of the President?
Chief Justice
Who would become president if both the President and Vice President die at the same time?
Speaker of the House
WHo would take the President's place if her or she is unable to serve a full term?
Vice President
Why was the electoral college established?
The founding father believed we as humans were stupid and didn't want us to make a mistake.