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When did the roman republic exist?
509-31 BCE
When did the roman rebublic change into the roman empire?
31 BCE
When did the roman empire exist?
31BCE-5th C CE `
When was the roman constitution overthrown?
509 bce
When was the plebian strike?
When did the gauls sack rome?
390 BCE
What does IUS CIVILE mean?
What does IUS GENTIUM mean?
foreign law
what does IUS NATURALE mean?
universal law ; stoicism
When did the punic wars take place?
280- 270 BCE
When was the first punic war?
264-241 BCE
When was the second punic war?
218-216 BCE
when was the third punic war?
202-146 BCE
Where was the first punic war?
Who ran the second punic war?
What did hannibal bring to the war?
What happened during the third punic war?
The destruction of carthredge and the occupation of spain.
Who was in the first triumverate?
Pompey-Crassus-Julius caesar
Who was in the second triumverate?
Marc Antony- Lepidus - Octavian
When was the battle of Actium?
31 BCE
when did octavian become agustus Caesar?
27 BCE
Who owned the land in roman society?
The patricians
Who were the common folk in roman society?
The Plebians
What could the plebians not claim?
Blue blood
Which rank in roman society formed most of the army?
the plebians
When was the first written roman constitution?
450 bce
What did Lex Canulia do?
allowed inner class marriges
Why was inner class marrige important?
it allowed the plebians to marry higher and bring thier status up
What is a praetor
Lawyer or law interpreter~ When retired became govenor
Who was a famous praetor?
Pontius Pilate
What is Lex Candilia?
law of all romans
Where is tarentum?
the boot of italy
what is tarentums modern name?
What happened at the battle of pyrrhus?
heavy losses but the battle was won
During the age of the pax romana what did you have to have to join the army?
Who did the army look towards to regain thier land?
The generals
What river did the senate say no general could cross?
The Rubicon
Who crossed the rubicon?
What is the day of ceasars death called?
The ides of march
Who did marc antony wish to marry
Who did the senate back between marc antony and octavian?
Why did the senate back octavian?
did not want a foreign queen
what does pater familas mean?
Father of rome
What does imperator mean?
head of the army
what does "mare norstrum" mean?
our sea
What does princups cillitatus mean?
first citizen
what is filial piety?
seek fathers advice before going to war
what is the lethe?
the river of forgetfulness
What is pax romana?
Peace- as long as you dont rebel you have peace
why were the greeks considered the others?
they were not roman
What did virgil write about?
Blissful groves
what did caesar create?
the census of the ecumane
what are pharisees?
Jewish seperatist
What is torah?
jewish law
Who were the nationalists?
the ones who kept trying to get jesus to say something wrong
Who were the essenes
radical seperatists
what did essenes believe death was?
the freeing of the soul from the body
what is gnosis?
secret knowledge