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CA -- Impleader equivalent
CA -- Intervention equivalent
Same as Fed

Absentee choices to join pending suit (as either Defendant or Plaintiff)

Intervention of Right --> A's interest may be harmed if she is not joined and her interest is not adequately represented now

Permissive Intervention --> A's claim or defense and the pending case have at least one issue in common
CA -- Interpleader equivalent
Owner of property in question (stakeholder) in litigation forces all potential claimaints into a single lawsuit to avoid multiple litigation and inconsistency

Two types: 1) Rule 2) Statutory
CA -- Class Action Requirements
1) Ascertainable class
2) Well-defined community of interests
CA -- Class Action "Well defined community of interests"
1) common questions predominate
2) Representative is adequate
3) Class will result in substantial benefit to the parties and the court
CA -- Class Action Classification
Just one --> CLASS ACTION
CA -- Class Action Notice
Can be done by publication

Individual notice not required

Court decides who will pay cost of notice
CA -- Class Action Right to Opt Out
Those who do not are bound by the judgment

Opt out may be allowed by Court
CA -- Class Action Counsel
Not appointed by Court
CA -- Class Action Settlement or Dismissal
Must be approved by Court
CA -- Class Action Determining Ammount in Controversy
Can aggregate individual claims