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2 Questions that Hacker says to use when evaluating web sources
Purpose and audience
2 verb signal phrases
agrees, argues
why do the british want to make english versions of irish places?
so land valuation could be reassessed for taxes
Colossal building in Germany that the Christos wrapped?
What's wrong with the "mass man?"
That is was both mentally unassertive and quick to hand over leadership to the underserving
Filmmaker who did Triumph of the Will and Olympia?
Leni Riefenstahl
WWII, what was worse than the atomic bomb? (killed more)
Conventional bombing raids on TOkyo, Dresden and Germany
Who persuaded the Japanese to surrender?
Emperor Hirohito
What is the central problem of the global community?
Everyone things of themselves in a selfish light, rather than a part of the collective "Miracle of being"