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New Immigration
1900s new immigrants pour into America cuz of hard economic times in Europe
Brought nativism
Streetcar Suburbs
created to house middle class workers attempting to escape city problems. Close enough to commute to work in the city
cheap run down apartments for the poor
Anthony Comstock
waged war on immorality - defends sexual puity, wants to remove obsene pictures from society
Jane Adams, Hull House
humanitarian reformer - esatblished half-way house for homeless children
John Roebling
built Brooklyn Bridge 1883 (first largest suspension bridge in America)
Louis Sullivan
America's first architects - functionalism
first person to build skyscrapers
open schhol for architects
Frank Lloyd Wright
an archiect - buildings shoud have their own style and blend with its surroundings
Aschan School
group of painters - depicted inner city life
Lieracy Tests
limited immigration into the US - had to be able to read / write in English
Chinese Exclusion Law 1882
After Kearney terrorized the Chinese - Congress placed a 10 ear moratorium on Chinese immigration
American Protection Association 1887
common anti-foreign organization - sough nativist goals like immigration exclusion
Chautauqua Movement, 1874
4 year adult education program - teach illiterate adults how to read
Charles Darwin
1859, Origin of Species book supported science, rational though, evolution - conflicted with Catholic and Protestant teachings
Social Darwinism
"survival of fittest" applies to humans - gov't should not create programs for "lazy" poor
Herbert Spencer
Social Darwinism - coined the phrase "survival of the fittest"
Henry Ward Beecher
clergyman found no conflict between evolution theories and Christian principles
Josiah Strong
cleric, advocated imperialism, linked it to "survival of fittest" . America should build an over-seas empire. Christianity part of everyday life. sided with "labor" church was attractive social institution
Lester F. Ward
Dynamic Sociology - laws of nature could be changed by humans. Gov't needs to regulate big biz & prevent exploitation of our natural resources
Russell Conwell
followed Social Darwinism, wrote poem "Acres od Diamonds" - hard workers (rich) lazy (poor)
Social Gospel
movement that helped poor Salvation Army, YMCA, YWCA. YWCA helped rurl Americans (decent housing, rec facilities - mral improvement)
Dwight L. Moody
leading evangalist against modernism in Northeast
Mary Baker Eddy
founded Cristian Science - religion promotes mind over matter
Henry George
Progress and Poverty, book criticized unequal land distribution which led to dfiierences between social classes
William James
philosopher, wrote about pragmatism - truth came from everyday experiences
Mark Twain
Samuel Clemens, best known literary noveleist end of 19th century Huckleberry Finn, etc.
Horatio Alger
author, wrote 119 books in 20 years - rags to riches stories (material wealth leads to happiness)
W.E.B. DuBois
blach historian, civil rights activits - Niagara Civil Rigts movement and NAACP 1909; 1st black to earn PHd from Harvard - educated blacks must fight for equl rights. Opposed Booker T Washington's ideas
Booker T. Washington
Black educator, former slave, opposed confrontation with whites. Founded Tuskegee Institute, a blak vocational school