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What is the most common alternate site implementation/
subscription services
What is electronic vaulting?
a end of the day batch dump to an alternate site
What is remote journaling?
an ongoing data mirroring
What is another name for Title 18 Section 1030?
Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
What does title 12 address?
Banks and Banking
What does Title 15 address?
Commerce and Trade
What does Title 26 address
Internal Revenue Code
What does Title 49 address?
To receive a US Patent an invention must fall into one of which five categories?
Processes, Machines, Manufactures, Compositions of matter, New uses of any of the above
How long are patents typically good for?
20 years from the date of filing
How long are copyrights generally good for?
the owners lifetime plus 70 years
What federal law governs warranties?
the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975
What are the three basic requirements for a warranty?
Must be declared as full or limited, must be clear and easy to read, must be available at the time of sale
What is P3P?
Platform for privacy preferences which allows web sites to express their privacy practices in a standard format that can be retried automatically and interpreted easily by user agents
Which law prevent eavesdropping or the interception of message contents without distinguishing between public or private system?
1986 US Electronic Communications Privacy Act
What does the US Computer Security Act do?
Requires federal government agencies to conduct security related training, to identify sensitive systems and to develop a security plan for those systems
What is the formula for determining if legal liability exists?
If Cost < Loss then liability exists
What are the seven major sources of physical loss?
temperature, gases, liquids, organisms, projectiles, movement, energy anamalies
What is the weight rating for a slab floor?
150 lbs/sq ft
What two factors must doors adhere to?
they must resist forcible entry and have a fire rating equal to the walls
What are two types of common EMI
Common-mode noise: Noise from the radiation generated by the charge difference between the hot and ground wires

Traverse-mode noise: noise from the radiation generated by the charge difference differences between the hot and neutral wires
According to the ANSI standards what is the permitted percent power droppage between the power source and the building's meter?
8 percent
According to the ANSI standards what is the permitted percent power droppage between the power meter and the wall?
3.5 percent
What is the ideal operating humidity range?
40 - 60%
What is type A fire extinguisher?
wood, cloth and paper
What is type B fire extinguisher?
flammable liquids and gases
What is type C fire extinguisher?
energized electrical equipment
What is type D fire extinguisher?
flammable chemicals such as magnesium and sodium
At what temperature do computer hardware components become damaged?
175 F
At what temperature do magnetic storage components become damaged?
At what temperature do paper products become damaged?
350 F
What height of fencing will deter casual trespassers?
3 to 4 ft high
What height of fencing is too hard to climb easily?
6-7 ft
What height of fencing will deter most trespassers?
8 ft with barbed wire
What are the lighting requirements for critical buildings?
illuminated up to 8 ft with 2 feet candlepower
What is a good estimate for computer inventory shrinkage due to theft
40 percent