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Which media generally has greater bandwidth, copper UTP or fiber optic?
Fiber optic
What network device interconnects different network technologies?
Routers (duh!)
How many hosts can be assigned on a subnet with a network address of, subnet mask
1022 Hosts/subnet
Which interface is the primary interface for initial configuration of a Cisco router or switch?
Console interface
Where is a DB 60 connector used on a Cisco router?
V.35 serial WAN or other WAN connections
You want to connect your serial COM1 port on your laptop to the console port of a Cisco router, which type of cable should you use?
A rollover, otherwise known as a Cisco cable (NOT an Ethernet cable)
What does the term attenuation mean with respect to metallic cabling?
Attentuation is signal loss as it propagates down the cabling. Losses for cables are usually expressed in dBs per unit length.
What is the difference in the wiring of an MDI and MDIX interface?
The MDI (media dependent interface) uses the normal Ethernet pinout. Pins 1 and 2 are used for transmitting and pins 3 and 6 are used for receiving. MDIX devices crossover or swap the transmit and receive pin-pairs.
Which network device is used to broadcast domains?
Routers (duh again!)
How many networks in this picture?
Is this a straight-through wiring or crossover?
Is this straight-through wiring or crossover?
When allocating an IP address to a gateway router, it's common practice to assign the ______________________ address within the subnet range.
lowest or highest
You have been given the network and are assigned to create as many possible subnets with at least 100 hosts. What subnet mask should you use?

A. To have at least 100 hosts, your networks need an offset of 128. So, you would have to subnet to This would make your first network, your second, your third, your fourth, your fifth and so on.
What would be the most efficient subnet mask to use if you needed as many subnets as possible with 32 hosts each?

D. If you increment your network by 32, you lose two (network and broadcast address), so you must jump up to 64, which euals 128 + 64 = 192
What is the valid host range for the subnet

A) -
B) -
C) -
D) -
B. A 248 means you are incrementing your network in steps of 8 (128 + 64 = 192 + 32 = 224 + 16 = 240 + 8 = 248). If you increment in steps of 8, your networks would be to, the next network. That would mean would be the network address, to would be the hosts, and would be the broadcast address.
100BASE-FX uses fiber-cabling and supports full duplex up to a distance of _____________ meters?

A) 100
B) 1000
C) 200
D) 2000
D. 2000 meters
True or false: a T568A cabling code states that pin 1 and pin 2 would be a green pair of wires.
List where a straight-through UTP cable would be used in connecting networking devices.
switch to router
PC to switch
PC to hub (if used)
List where a crossover UTP cable would be used in connecting networking devices.
switch to switch
switch to hub (if used)
hub to hub (if used)
PC to PC
PC to router
Describe the purposes of and differences between DCE and DTE WAN serial cables and devices.
DCE is Data Communication Equipment, a device that supplies the clocking to another device. Usually, the DTE device is the terminal (or computer), and the DCE is a modem.

When two devices, that are both DTE or both DCE, must be connected together without a modem or a similar media translator between them, a kind of crossover cable must be used, i.e. a null modem for RS-232 or as usual for Ethernet.
List criteria that should be considered when selecting a switch for a LAN.
Cost, cable/wireless, speed, ports, expandability, manageability, features
Give examples of the different types of hosts and network devices that require IP addresses.
End devices: user computers, servers, and other end devices like printers, IP phones and IP cameras

Network devices: router LAN gateway interfaces, and router WAN (serial) interfaces
List three reasons for subnetting a network.
Manage broadcast traffic, similar network requirements, security
List the five factors to consider when selecting the type of phsical media to deploy in the LAN.
Cable length, cost, bandwidth, ease of installation, susceptibility to EMI/RFI
DTE and DCE interfaces are on what layer in the OSI model?
What do you need consider when selecting a switch?
Sufficient ports, a mixture of UTP speeds, UTP and fiber ports
What is the maximum length that a patch cable should be?
10 feet
Which addresses are valid host IP addresses, given the subnet mask

C, D, F. That subnet means networks would increment in steps of 8.
What's the opposite of attenuation?
What can you connect with a crossover cable?
Switch to switch, switch to hub, hub to hub, router to router Ethernet port connection, PC to PC, PC to router
Name two types of WAN connectors (hint: serial)
RJ11, DB-60
Do routers forward broadcasts?
Does a switch or a router break up broadcast domains?