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"The potential loss to an area due to the occurrence of an adverse event"
"Extended Binary-coded Decimal Interchange Code"
"(EBCDIC) An eight-bit code representing 256 characters; used in most large computer systems"
"Extensible Markup Language (XML)"
"Promulgated through the World Wide Web Consortium# XML is a web-based application development technique that allows designers to create their own customized tags# thus# enabling the definition# transmission# validation and interpretation of data between applications and organizations."
"External router"
"The router at the extreme edge of the network under control# usually connected to an ISP or other service provider; also known as border router"
"The transfer of service from an incapacitated primary component to its backup component"
"Describes the design properties of a computer system that allow it to resist active attempts to attack or bypass it"
"False negative"
"In intrusion detection# an error that occurs when an attack is misdiagnosed as a normal activity"
"False positive"
"In intrusion detection# an error that occurs when a normal activity is misdiagnosed as an attack"
"Fault tolerance"
"A system’s level of resilience to seamlessly react from hardware and/or software failure"
"Feasibility study"
"A phase of an SDLC methodology that researches the feasibility and adequacy of resources for the development or acquisition of a system solution to a user need"
"Fiber optic cable"
"Glass fibers that transmit binary signals over a telecommunications network. Fiber optic systems have low transmission losses as compared to twisted-pair cables. They do not radiate energy or conduct electricity. They are free from corruption and lightning-induced interference# and they reduce the risk of wiretaps."
"An individual data element in a computer record. Examples include employee name# customer address# account number# product unit price and product quantity in stock."
"A named collection of related records"
"File layout"
"Specifies the length of the file’s record and the sequence and size of its fields. A file layout also will specify the type of data contained within each field. For example# alphanumeric# zoned decimal# packed and binary are types of data."
"File server"
"A high-capacity disk storage device or a computer that stores data centrally for network users and manages access to that data. File servers can be dedicated so that no process other than network management can be executed while the network is available; file servers can be non-dedicated so that standard user applications can run while the network is available."
"Filtering router"
"A router that is configured to control network access by comparing the attributes of the incoming or outgoing packets to a set of rules"
"FIN (final)"
"A flag set in a packet to indicate that this packet is the final data packet of the transmission"
"Financial audit"
"An audit designed to determine the accuracy of financial records and information"
"A protocol and program that allows the remote identification of users logged into a system"
"A device that forms a barrier between a secure and an open environment. Usually# the open environment is considered hostile. The most notable hostile environment is the Internet. In other words# a firewall enforces a boundary between two or more networks."
"Memory chips with embedded program code that hold their content when power is turned off"
"fiscal year"
"Any yearly accounting period without regard to its relationship to a calendar year."
"foreign exchange risk"
"Is present when a financial asset or liability is denominated in a foreign currency or is funded by borrowings in another currency"
"Format checking"
"The application of an edit# using a predefined field definition to a submitted information stream; a test to ensure that data conform to a predefined format"
"Fourth generation language (4GL)"
"English-like# user friendly# nonprocedural computer languages used to program and/or read and process computer files"
"Frame relay"
"A packet-switched wide-area-network technology that provides faster performance than older packet-switched WAN technologies such as X.25 networks# because it was designed for today’s reliable circuits and performs less rigorous error detection. Frame relay is best suited for data and image transfers. Because of its variable-length packet architecture# it is not the most efficient technology for real-time voice and video. In a frame-relay network# end nodes establish a connection via a permanent virtual circuit (PVC)."
"Fraud risk"
"The risk that activities will include deliberate circumvention of controls with the intent to conceal the perpetuation of irregularities. The unauthorized use of assets or services and abetting or helping to conceal."
"FTP (file transfer protocol)"
"A protocol used to transfer files over a TCP/IP network (Internet# UNIX# etc.)"
"Full duplex"
"A communications channel over which data can be sent and received simultaneously"
"Function point analysis"
"A technique used to determine the size of a development task# based on the number of function points. Function points are factors such as inputs# outputs# inquiries and logical internal sites."
"A hardware/software package that is used to connect networks with different protocols. The gateway has its own processor and memory and can perform protocol and bandwidth conversions."
"General computer controls"
"Controls# other than application controls# which relate to the environment within which computer-based application systems are developed# maintained and operated# and which are therefore applicable to all applications. The objectives of general controls are to ensure the proper development and implementation of applications# the integrity of program and data files and of computer operations. Like application controls# general controls may be either manual or programmed. Examples of general controls include the development and implementation of an IS strategy and an IS security policy# the organization of IS staff to separate conflicting duties and planning for disaster prevention and recovery."
"Generalized audit software"
"A computer program or series of programs designed to perform certain automated functions. These functions include reading computer files# selecting data# manipulating data# sorting data# summarizing data# performing calculations# selecting samples and printing reports or letters in a format specified by the IS auditor. This technique includes software acquired or written for audit purposes and software embedded in production systems."
"Geographic disk mirroring"
"A data recovery strategy that takes a set of physically disparate disks and synchronously mirrors them over high performance communication lines. Any write to a disk on one side will result in a write on the other. The local write will not return until the acknowledgement of the remote write is successful."
"An individual who attempts to gain unauthorized access to a computer system"
"Half duplex"
"A communications channel that can handle only one signal at a time. The two stations must alternate their transmissions."
"Handprint scanner"
"A biometric device that is used to authenticate a user through palm scans"
"To configure a computer or other network device to resist attacks"
"Relates to the technical and physical features of the computer"
"Hash function"
"An algorithm that maps or translates one set of bits into another (generally smaller) so that a message yields the same result every time the algorithm is executed using the same message as input. It is computationally infeasible for a message to be derived or reconstituted from the result produced by the algorithm. It is computationally infeasible to find two different messages that produce the same hash result using the same algorithm."
"Hash total"
"The total of any numeric data field on a document or computer file. This total is checked against a control total of the same field to facilitate accuracy of processing."
"A numbering system that uses a base of 16 and uses 16 digits: 0# 1# 2# 3# 4# 5# 6# 7# 8# 9# A# B# C# D# E and F. Programmers use hexadecimal numbers as a convenient way of representing binary numbers."
"Hierarchical database"
"A database structured in a tree/root or parent/child relationship. Each parent can have many children# but each child may have only one parent."
"Honey pot"
"A specially configured server# designed to attract intruders so that their actions do not affect production systems; also known as a decoy server"
"Hot site"
"A fully operational offsite data processing facility equipped with both hardware and system software to be used in the event of a disaster"
"HTTP (hyper text transfer protocol)"
"A communication protocol used to connect to servers on the World Wide Web. Its primary function is to establish a connection with a web server and transmit HTML pages to the client browser."
"HTTPS (hyper text transfer protocol secure)"
"A protocol for accessing a secure web server# whereby all data transferred is encrypted"
"A common connection point for devices in a network# hubs commonly are used to connect segments of a LAN. A hub contains multiple ports. When a packet arrives at one port# it is copied to the other ports so that all segments of the LAN can see all packets."
"Is an electronic pathway that may be displayed in the form of highlighted text# graphics or a button that connects one web page with another web page address."
"A language# which enables electronic documents that present information that can be connected together by links instead of being presented sequentially# as is the case with normal text."