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list one of founders of google?
larry page
define the "digital divide". include one example of something that impacts its size?
those that have the technology and those that dont. pples income has a big impact
list 2 benefits of using a broadband internet connection instead of a dial-up.
-stays connected
what company produced the first microprocessor chip?
according to the movie, what was first PC?
altair 8800
what invention gave the "power of a mainframe on the desktop"?
microprocessor chip
which is not a type of multimedia?
the internet began in 1969 with?
what program used a search engine to find individual web pages?
Tim Berners -Lee is best known for??
inventing WWW
this allows you to insert and remove cards while computer is running?
hot plugging
"reading" is the process of...?
getting an object from storage into memory
how is a computer defined?
electronic device operating under control of instructions stored in its own memory
what is the difference between data and information?
*data- raw facts, figures, and symbols

*information- data that is organized, meaningful, and useful
what is the information processing cycle?
input,process, output,storage, communication
what is the machine cycle?
fetch, decode, execute, store
what is an input device? output device?
-hardware used to enter data and instructions

-hardware that conveys information to one or more people
what are the two main components on the motherboard?
-Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Memory
what is a CPU and memory?
CPU- electronic component that interprets and carries out basic instructions that operate a computer

memory- consists of electronic components that store instructions waiting to be executed and data needed by those instructions
what are the benefits to a computer?
speed, reliability, consistency, storage, communications
what are the disadvantages to a computer?
violation of privacy, impact on labor force, health risks, impact on enviroment
what is a network?
collection of computers and devices connected together
what is the difference between communication devices and communication media?
-enables a connection between computers (modem)

-cables telephone lines, cellular radios, and satellites
what is a server?
-manages the resources on a network
what is the internet?
world wide collection of networks that connects millions of computers
what is the difference between a website and a web page?
- is collection of related web pages

-contains text, graphics, sound, video, and links to other web pages
what is the world wide web?
billions of documents, called web pages, available to anyone connected to the internet
how did the internet originate?
thru a networking project by pentagons advanced research project agency (ARPANET)
what was the goal of ARPANET and when did it become functional?
*goal: to function if part of network were disabled and to allow scientist to share info no matter what location

*functional- september 1969
how has the internet grown over the years?
1969- 4 host nodes
1984- more than 1,000 host nodes
today- more than 200 million host nodes
what are 2 of the organizations that set standards for the internet? how?
W3C- world wide web consortium: developed by tim b. lee. ..oversees research, sets standards and guidelines

Internet 2(I2): develops and tests advanced internet technologies
what are the 2 ways to connect to the internet? give examples & adv/dis?
-slow speed tech: dial-up, connection must be established each time u log in, slow but in expensive

High speed connection: DSL (digital subscriber line), CATV (cable telephone internet services), cable modem, satellite modems, and fixed is always on whenever computer is on
what are ways to access the internet?
-Wireless Internet service provider
what is a domain name and IP address? give an example?
-the Text version of Internet Protocol (IP address)...ex)www.scite."com"

-number that uniquely identifies each computer or device connected to internet ..ex)
what is the difference between a web page and a web site?
-web page: each electrnic document
-web site: a collection of related web pages
what is a web browser?
program that allows you to view web pages (Internet explorer, Netscape)
what is a home page?
the firt page that a web site presents and often provides connections to otherweb pages
how do hand held devices and cell phones access the web?
by using a microbrowser that displays web pages that use mostly text 9must be web- enabled)
the process of computers recieving info is called what?
what is a URL?
-unique address for a web page (a web server delivers the web page to ur computer)
this is a built in connection to another related web page location? how can u recognize them?
-a)pointer changes to samll hand when u click on link
b)can be a text or image
c)usually underlined in different color
what is a sub-directory?
-search tool with organized set of topics and subtopics
-lets you find info by clicking links rather than entering keywords
what is a search engine?
program used to find web pages and websites by entering words or phrases called search text
what is a hit?
any web site name that is listed as a the result of a search
what are the 9 types of websites?
what is a portal and a blog?
-portal:offers variety of servics from one location

-uses updated journal format to reflect interests, opinions, and personalities of author/site visitors
what are the guidelines to evaluating the value of a web site?
-audience,design, authority, content, currency,affiliation, objectivity
what is multi media?
application integrating text w/ other media elements
what graghic formats are used on the web and what are thumbnails?
-smaller version of largic graghic(improves web page display time)
what is animation? what is streaming audio?
-apperance of motion created by displaying a series of still images

-process of transferring audio in a continous and even flow (can listen to music as it downloads)
what is a virtaul reality (VR)? what are plug ins?
-use of computers to stimulate real or imagined enviroments (appeares 3-D)

-programs that extend capability of browser
what is web publishing? e-commerce?
-the development and maintenance of web pages

-business transaction that occurs over the internet (short for electronic commerce)
this is a unique name that consits of a username and domain name?
email address
what is a FTP?
File Transfer Protocol
File Transfer Protocol
-internet standard that allows you to upload and download files w/ other computers on internet
a group of email addresses given a single name are known as what?
mailing list
what is a chat?
real-time typed conversation that takes place on a computer
this is a location on servers that permits users to discuss topics of interests?
chat room
a real time internet communications service that notifies you when one or more people are online and allows you to exchange messages or files...?
instant messaging (IM)
what is internet telephony? Netiquette?
-enables users to speak to other users over the internet using their computer

-code of acceptable behaviors users should follow while on the internet
this is the leading manufacturer of Personal computers?
dell computers (slogan: computers your way)
in what year and by whom were Dell computers founded?
founded by michael dell in 1984.
who were the founders of Apple computers and in what year? where was the first Apple Computer created?
Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniack in their basement
what was the first mass marketed personal computer?
Apple II
Apple introduced the Machintosh product line in what year and what feature did it include? what other technology did they launch?
1984...featured a graghical user interface
-introduced the iMac, the iBook, iPod, Mac G5
who is Bill Gates?
-founder and chief of Microsoft Corporation
-learned to program computers at 13

-founded microsoft in 1975 w/ paul allen
-provided first operating system, called MS-DOS for IBM PC
who is carly fiorina?
she is technology's corporate leader
-Hewlett-Packard's former chairman and CEO (spent 20 yrs at AT&T and Lucent technologies)
this is said to be a popular search engine who's mission was to organize the world's information? who were its founders and in what year?
google.....Sergey Brin and Larry Page launched google in 1998 in a friends garage
this is said to be a popular web portal,who were its founders and in what year was it launched? it was the first what..?
yahoo....created by jerry yang and david filo.
-started creating and organizing lists of their favorite web sites in 1994
-was the first navigational portal to web
who is tim berners- lee?
creator of WWW
-credited with creating first web server, browser, and URL addresses
who is meg whitman?
ebay president and CEO

-helped company become world's largest online marketplace
this is the digital imaging leader and one of the worlds largest application software corporations?
adobe systems
this is the largest software company in the world and "realized potential w/ business world"?
who was the creator for visicalc? what is "visicalc" short for? what impact did they have on businesses?
-Dan Bricklin...short for visible calculator
-provided a reason for businessess to buy apple computers
who is Masayoshi Son?
softbank president and CEO
-predicted microchip would change pple's lives
-founded softbank, which is Japan's software distributor and publisher and country's largest broadband ISP.
what is AMD? what is intel..created by who?
Advanced Micro Devices
-type of processor (PC processor supplier)

*intell: processing company(chip maker that dominates computer market) created by gordon moore and robert noyce in 1968
eho is jack kilby and gordon moore?
jk: integrated circuit inventor (microchip)

GM:predicted that computer power would increase, while cost decresed, every two years. (number of transistors and resistors placed on computer chips would double every year)
-intel's cofounder
what is logitech and palm one?
-personal interface products leader
-handheld computing devices manufacturer
who is Hideki Komiyama and Douglas Engelbart?
-sony electronics president and CEO (color TV was start)

-creator of the mouse(1964 developed first prototype)
what is Hewlett-Packard and viewsonic?
-printer manufacturer (started in one car garage in 1939)

-visual technology leader
pres & CEO: james chu..1987
who is steve jobs and donna dubinsky?
-apple computer and pixar cofounder

-palm one directorn(PDAs)
this is said to be the information storage supplier..? this is said to be the worlds largest flash memory card supplier?
-Maxtor(leading manufacturer of hard disks and storage solutions)

-sandisk corporation
who is al shugart? mark dean?
-storage expert
-IBM inventor