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The three basic steps to creating a database, in order, are: ____.
1. B. identify the individual fields, group fields in a table, enter field values for each record selected
A primary key ____.
1. C. must contain a unique value for each record within the table selected
A field that is defined in a table and that is also defined as a primary key in a different table is a(n) ____.
1. D. foreign key selected
You can make a(n) ____ copy of a database file to protect your database against loss or damage.
1. B. backup selected
When you delete records, the space that had been occupied on the disk by the deleted records does not become available until you ____ the database.
1. C. compact selected
: A table can be logically connected to another table by defining a ____.
1. A. common field selected
The characteristics of a field, such as name, size, and type, are called the field ____.
A field defined as a yes/no field type will be displayed as a ____.
1. C. check box selected
Records can be copied and pasted into one table from another table if the tables have ____.
the same structure
A ____ relationship exists between two tables when one record in the first table matches zero, one, or many records in the second table.
1. D. one-to-many selected
: Referential ____ is a feature built in to Access to prevent data inconsistency in related tables
1. B. integrity selected
The order in which fields are displayed in a query depends on ____.
1. A. the order of the fields in the design grid selected
After applying a filter, you can click the ____ button to toggle between filtered and nonfiltered displays.
. Remove Filter selected
You can tell Access which records are to be selected by specifying a(n) ____.
1. D. condition selected
Multiple conditions can be defined to control which records are selected through the use of ____.
1. A. logical operators selected
MC: Statistical information, such as totals and averages, can be calculated in a query by using a(n) ____.
1. C. aggregate function selected
The ____ operator is a comparison operator that allows you to check whether or not a particular field value is part of a list of values.
: ____ levels are useful for reports with multiple levels.
1. A. Grouping selected
: Before you begin a Find operation on a form, you must first ____.
1. C. select a field selected
When a picture or other graphic image is placed in the Report Header section, it will appear ____.
1. A. once at the beginning of the report selected