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An Excel feature that enables you to check the accuracy of the formulas by reviewing the structure and behavior of the formulas in your worksheet.
Automatically updates and republishes the Web page whenever the workbook is saved.
A text box that is attached to a specific cell in which the user adds an explanation or question about the contents of the cell.
Dependent cell
A cell that uses the value of the active cell in its formula.
Discussion server
Computer that allows participants in a Web discussion to make comments about a Web document and have the comments appear as if part of the document.
Error indicator
A green triangle in the upper-left corner of a worksheet cell that indicates that an error or potential error in the formula of a cell exists.
Error value
An indication that a type of error has been found begins with a number sign followed by an error name.
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
A programming language in which data can be placed in text files in a structured way that can be read by a wide variety of applications.
A reference from some point in one hypertext document to some point in another document or another place in the same document.
Hypertext document
Text on a Web page that connects to documents on the World Wide Web.
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
A language that supports the online display of textual and graphical information that includes hypertext links.
Interactive Web Page
An interactive workbook, which can be viewed on a web browser and has a special spreadsheet component, that enables you to switch between worksheets, enter or edit data, format values, and change formulas on the Web page.
A connection between two files allowing information to be transferred from one file to another.
Noninteractive Web page
An Excel workbook, published as a Web page, through which users can scroll and switch between worksheets, but to which they cannot make any data or formatting changes.
Precedent cell
A cell that is referred to and provides the values used in the formula of an active cell.
Using the Routing Recipient command on the Send To submenu, to send a workbook as an e-mail attachment along with a list or recipients to review workbook.
A yellow box that appears when you position the mouse pointer over a toolbar button. The yellow box displays the button’s name.
Spreadsheet component
An interactive workbook on a Web page.
Tracer arrow
An arrow that shows the relationship between the active cell and its related cells; blue if pointing to a cell that provides data to another cell, and red if the cell contains an error value.
Tracking log
Worksheet where changes to a shared workbook are displayed and erroneously rejected changed can be retrieved.
Web browser
A software program that retrieves a hypertext file from the Web server and then displays the document on the user’s computer.
Web page
An electronic document, created using HTML that contains links to other electronic documents.
Web server
A computer that stores and delivers Web pages to the computer’s browser that requested the web page
Web site
A collection of Web pages.