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Paul is a network administrator for a company, NoWaySecure, Inc. One day he notices that one of the servers in the DMZ has a smaller numer of services running, unnecessary subsystems are disabled, and the system seems more "locked down." Paul is the only one on the staff who does this type of work on the systems and he is positive he did not implement these changes. Which of the following describes what probably took place?
An attacker got into this system, installed a rootkit, and reconfigured the software so that other attackers could not modify his conquered system.
Any security evaluation carried out by an ethical attacker contains three main components: preparation, conduct, and conclusion. Which of the following best describes what takes place when carrying out these phases of an evaluation?
Preparation is when non-disclosures and formal contracts are signed. Conduct is when the testing and evaluation are carrried out. Conclusion is when the report and corrective advice are reported to the organization.
Which of the following answers best describes the differences in jurisdiction between the FBI and Secret Service?
The FBI deals with cases of national security, financial institutions, and organized crime. The Secret Service deals with crimes pertaining to the Treasury Department.
Tom used a tool he found on a website to carry out a dictionary attack. What law could be used to prosecute Tom and what type of penalities comes along with this simple activity?
18 USC Section 1029; fine of $50,000 or twice the value of the crime and/or up to 15 years in prison, $100,000 and/or up to 20 years if repeat offense.
Today, the U.S. has specific federal laws that have been developed to prosecute individuals for different types of computer crimes. Why would a legal team need to also look to state laws for these types of cases?
If the damages do not reach $5,000
The Electronic Communication Privacy Act (ECPA) is made up of which of the following acts and what do they deal with?
The Wiretap Act protects data from being illegally captured while it is in transit, and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act protects data from being illegally captured while being stored.
If you choose to install zombies on different computers to carry out a distributed denial-of-service attack, what type of punishment woul you most likely be faced with?
Fine and/or up to 5 years in prison, up to 10 years if it is a repeated offense.
If you reverse-engineer software used to encrypt data protected by the copyright law, what law will most likely be used to prosecute you?
Digital Millennium Copyright Act.