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Which of the following is not a reason why governments' militaries are developing and integrating cyberwarfare into their tactical and strategic plans?
The last goal in war is to disrupt the enemy's communication.
According to Gartner, in year 2005, _____ percent of security compromises will be _____ or _______ motivated.
Which of the following is generally the most expensive component for organizations when some type of attack takes place?
Operational issues
Which of the following best describes the difference between hacking and ethical hacking?
Ethical hacking is done for defensive reasons, where hacking is done for offensive reasons.
Which of the following answers is not a reason why company employees should understand how attacks take place?
This insight can be used in offensive techniques when needed.
There are several reasons why so many defferent attacks are successful today. Which of the following reasons is not an example of this?
The use of mobile code is decreasing.
Which of the following is a true statement?
Vendors will not increase security in software until the market truly demands it.
The best reason for studying and understanding ethical hacking can be described how?
To advance the knowledge and skill set to better protect from malicious activity