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Number of rotations or revolutions made per unit of time.
Rotational Speed
Pulls objexts toward a center; Object moving in a circle has this force acting on it.
Centripetal Force
When an object moves in a circle, is there a force pushing the object outward from the circle?
Minimum speed you can use to get the object to go into a circular motion.
Critical Velocity
Going in the same number of revolutions in an amount of time
Uniform Speed
Rotation around an axis
Rotary Motion
Angle formed by radius along the ark and the other radius; 57.3 degrees; 6.28 of them in a circle
The straight line around which an object may rotate or revolve
An apparent outward force on a rotating or revolving body. It is fictitious to the sense that it is not part of an interaction but is due to the tendency of a moving body to move in a straight line.
Centrifugal Force
The path distance moved per unit of time. Also called simply speed.
Linear speed
Motion of an object turning around an axis outside an object.
The spinnning motion that takes place when an object rotates about an axis located within the object.
The number of rotations or revolutions per unit of time; often measured in rotations or revolutions per second or per minute
ratational speed
The speed of an object moving along a circular path
tangential speed