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a step by step process; a computer program
a collection of all objects that have the same properties and methods
computer program
a step by step set of instructions telling a computer how to complete a specific task. every computer program is an algorithm and most are sequential in nature.
computer programming language
a particular instruction set for programming a computer, along with the syntax and grammar for using those instructions
an event trigger and event handler; when the event trigger occurs the event handler is called to action
a method that returns a value. may be use din place of an actual value.
'integrated development environment' computer program used to write other computer programs.
a copy of an object from a particular class
the process of adding an instance of a class of objects to an alice world
a program that manipulates an object by changing one or more of its properties. In oop, software is written as a collection of methods.
method parameter
a variable whose value is passed from one method to another
a collection of related properties and the methods available to manipulate those properties
'object oriented programming' a modern approach to computer programming that emphasizes objects and the development of software as a collection of methods associated with a particular object. true OOP must allow for encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.
a value that describes an object in some way
state of the object
the values stored in the properties of an object at any one time