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pratermitto -ere misi- missum
to pass over, leave
patior -i passus sum
to bear, endure; suffer
sileo -ere -ui
to be quiet, leave unmentioned
immanitas -atis
f. enormity, ferocity
exsisto -ere exstiti exstitum
to appear; exist
vindico 1
to avenge, punish
Idus Iduum
f. pl. the Ides (15th of March, May, July, and October; 13th of other months)
impendeo -ere
w/ dat to threaten
ignominia -ae
f. shame, dishonor
vitium -i
n. crime, vice
pertineo -ere -ui
to pertain to
on the previous day
comitium -i
n. the Comitium (the meeting place in front of the Senate house)
paro 1
to prepare, provide
omitto -ere -misi -missum
to leave out, disregard
covered, concealed
committo -ere -misi -missum
to commit, entrust ACC to DAT
later on, afterwards
how often...!
how many
petitio -onis
f. blow, attack
conicio -ere -ieci -ectum
to throw together, hurl
vito 1
to avoid, evade
quidam quaedam quoddam (quiddam)
a certain, some
declinatio -onis
f. a bending; sidestep
aio ais ait aiunt
to say
effugio -ere -fugi -fugitum
to escape, avoid
assequor -i -sectus sum
to accomplish, gain
desisto -ere -stiti -stitum
to stop, cease
volo velle volui
to want, wish
extorqueo -ere -torsi -tortum
to wrest away, take by force
sica -ae
f. dagger
excido -ere -cidi
to fall out, fall
casus -us
m. chance, mishap
elabor -i -lapsus sum
to slip away, escape
initio 1
to initiate, consecrate
devoveo -ere -vovi - votum
to devote, consecrate
puto 1
to think, suppose
defigo -ere -fixi -fixum
to plunge