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confero, confere, contuli, collatus
bestow, confer;
se + confere = to betake oneself to
concludo, ere, clusi, clusus
bring to a conclusion
item (adv.)
likewise, so, in like manner
pactum, i (n.)
way, manner
itaque (conj.)
and so, therefore
quisnam, quaenam, quidnam
who then, what then
"et eo magis"
"and the more so"
eo is ablative of degree of difference
proximus, a, um
nearest, last;
as noun: next of kin, near relation
assolet, assolere, assolevit (impersonal)
it is customary, it is usual
munus, eris (n.)
obeo, obire, obivi, obitus
to go to meet;
to fall, perish, die;
to address oneself to, engage in, execute, accomplish
obitus, us (m.)
a going down, setting; downfall, ruin
adverto, advertere, adversi, adversus

with animum: to perceive, notice
cum.. tum
not only... but also;
both... and
commoveo, commovere, commoti, commotus
to move deeply
commode (adv.)
suitably, to the point
commodus, a, um
convenient, advantageous, affable
commodum, i (n.)
advantage, interest
iuvo, iuvare, iuvi, iutus
to help, assist;
impersonally: it pleases, it delights
accessio, ionis
an addition
dissero, dissere, disserui, dissertus
discuss, expound; argue, maintain
aufero, auferre, abstuli, ablatus
to take away
obsequor, obsequi, obsecutus sum
be obedient to, gratify
(= dat.)
primum (adv.)
in the first instance
sero (adv.)
too late
iterum (adv.)
a second time, again
praesens, praesentis
funus, funeris
minime (adv.)
least of all, by no means, not at all
ango, angere, anxi, anctus
to pain, grieve
angor, angoris (m.)
pain, anguish, trouble
maestitia, ae (f.)
sadness, grief
maereo, ere, evi, etus
continuo (adv.)
at once, forthcoming
contingo, contingere, contigi, contactus
to happen
secus (adv.)
consulo, consulere, consului, consultus
have regard (to), consult the interests of (+ dat.)
assentor, assentari, assentatus sum
be in agreement with, be flattering to (+ dat.)
assolet (impers.)
it is customary
adipiscor, i, adeptus sum
to obtain, get, acquire
attineo, ere, ui, tentus
(usually impers.)
(impers.) to concern, to be a consequence of
assequor, assequi, assecutus sum
funditus (adv.)
entirely, competely
profiteor, profiteri, professus sum
profecto (adv.)
certainly, assuredly
probitas, probitatis (f.)
honesty, uprightness, integrity
propterea (adv.)
on this (that) account
quocirca (adv.)
wherefore, on which account
recordatio, recordationis (f.)
consentio, consentire, consenti, consentus
to agree with
voluntas, voluntatis (f.)
wish, aim, inclination, willing
communis, e
common, ordinary
interitus, interitus (m.)
death, ruin, destruction
aliter (adv.)
otherwise, in a different manner
agnosco, agnoscere, agnovi, agnitus
to recognize, admit
aequus, a, um
fair, right
gaudeo, gaudere, gavisus
rejoice (+ abl.)
aequalis, e
supra (adv.)
consensio, consensionis
praeserim (adv.)
consto, constare, constiti, constatus
be fixed; constat ex: to be composed of
consuesco, consuere, consuesci, consuetus
to grow accustomed; (in perfect) to be accustomed
delecto, are, avi, atus
delight, please; (in pass.) take pleasure in
sempiternus, a, um
commemoro, are, avi, atus
to mention
cor, cordis (n.)
censeo, censere, censui, census
to think, advise, suggest
cerno, cernere, crevi, cretus
excercitatio, ionis (f.)
practice, training
cursus, us (m.)
journey, course
probitas, tatis
honesty, uprightness, integrity
admodum (adv.)
much, very much, considerably
otiosus, a, um
leisure, at leisure, free from public cares
pario, parere, peperi, partus
beget, produce, create, obtain
commemoro, are, avi, atus
to mention
disputo, are, avi, atus
to discuss, argue, maintain