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Tha mi gu math
I am well
Tha gu math
Tha mi sgìth
I'm tired
Chan eil dona
not bad
Tha meadhonach math
middling well, so-so
Chan eil mi gu math
I'm not well
Tha mi tinn
I am ill
Tha cnatan orm
I have a cold
Tha gasda!
Great, fantastic!
Chan eil mi 'gearain
I'm not complaining
Tha beò fhathast
still alive
Tha gu doigheil
Tha gu math fhèin
very well indeed
Tha gu math. Ciamar a tha thu/sibh fhèin?
Fine. How are you yourself?
chan eil ro dhona
not too bad
tha nas fheàrr na bha
better than I was
Tha mòran nas fheàrr a-nis, tapadh leat/leibh
much better now, thank-you