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George Bush
US President
Colin Powell
US Secretary of State
Dick Cheney
US Vice president
John Ashcroft
US Attorney General
Tom Ridge
Chairman of Homeland Security
George Tenet
Director of CIA
George Tenet
Director of CIA
Candoleeza Rice
National Security Advisor
Donald Rumsfield
US Department of Defense
Alan Greenspan
Federal Reserve Bank Chairman
Hu Jintao
Chinese Dictator
Tony Blair
England Prime Minister
Gerhard Schroeder
German President
Vladimir Putin
President of Russia
Osama bin Laden
Al Queada Leader
Saddam Hussein
Former leader of Iraq
Yassir Arafat
Palestinian President
Pevez Musharref
Pakistan President
Hamid Karzai
Afghan President
Hosini Mubarak
Egyptian President
Vicente Fox
Mexican President
Lula de Silvia
Brazilian President
Fidel Castro
Cuban Dictator
Hugo Chavez
Venezuelan President
Alvaro Uribe
Columbian President