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When were the Apostles Creed and Didoche written?
2nd century AD
Not the first, but the...century AD.
What was the Easter Controversy? When was it?
196 AD. East and West debated when the Resurrection should be celebrated. West preferred Sunday; East preferred linking it with Passover, no matter what the day.
19_ AD. East and West debated...
How many New Testament books were written by 200 AD?
How many languages were the Scriptures translated into by 200?
Lucky number!
Who divided the Roman Empire? When?
Diocletian (292)
To sound out his name, begin with "to cease to live," add "an expression, like a gasp." (29_)
When did Constantine see a vision of the Cross of Jesus?
312 AD
31_ AD
What was the Edict of Milan? When was it?
313; Constantine and Licineus agreed to tolerate Christianity in the Roman Empire
3__ (unlucky number); Constantine and Licineus agreed...
What was the Council of Nicea? When was it?
325; The Council of Nicea was called in response to many heresies. It produced an early version of the Nicene Creed with a clear definition of the Trinity.
3__ (5*5); called in response to ______. Produced an early version of ______.
What happened in 330 AD?
Constantine established the capital as Byzantium and renames it Constantinople. (Modern day Istanbul)
Constantine established the capital as...
When was the Nicene Creed finalized? By whom?
381 by Council of Constantinople
38_ by Council of _______________
What happened in 391?
Theodosius made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire.
Theodosius made Christianity the...
Who was a missionary to Ireland?
St. Patick
A well known holiday is named after him.
When was Augustine the bishop of Hippo?
Where is Hippo?
395-430 AD
North Africa
3_5-4_0 AD
Who was missionary to England?
St. Augustine of Canterbury
His town is included in the title of a famous book about England.
What is a scriptorium?
The writing room of a monastery
You would do what in a SCRIPT-orium?
What is matins?
Means morning
The first canonical hour
After midnight, usually around 2 am
What is lauds?
Second canonical hour
At dawn 5 am to 6 am
Lauds is second.
What is prime?
"The first hour"
The third canonical hour
Between 6 am and 9 am
Between 6 am and 9 am
What is terce?
"The third hour"
Fourth canonical hour
Between 9 am and noon
Fourth canonical hour
What is sext?
"The sixth hour"
Fifth canonical hour
Between noon and 3 pm, usu. noon
"the sixth hour"
What is none?
"the ninth hour"
Sixth canonical hour
Between 3 pm and sunset, usu. 3 pm
Between 3 pm and sunset,usu. at 3 pm
What is vespers?
"evening star"
Seventh canonical hour
evening star
What is compline?
eighth canonical hour
Why is prayer important to Christian life?
Allows you to hear God
You should know this one!
Why is fasting important?
Shows your sacrifice for God
Allows God to fill you
When food is out of you, what can fill you?
How did monasteries preserve culture?
Wrote and copied Bibles and books
Made "story buildings" so that stories
could live on to the illiterate
Kept written records of events
Usually were not attacked; kept
precious art and books there
4 reasons
How did monasteries help the people around them?
Provided basic needs
First hospitals
First schools
Made medicine from herbs
What services do we need today?
Where are some famous cathedrals?
1. Rosemary and George ________
2. Take the name of a famous bald cartoon characters with a yellow shirt and a dog and change the "l" in his name to "t"
Name 2 examples of a famous cathedral.
Notre Dame
Abbey Church of Sts. Peter and Paul
1. Name of a famous college
2. Name for a place where nuns live
How did art help people in the Middle Ages?
Stained glass windows, carvings, statues, paintings, and illuminations told Bible stories to the illiterate or were used to emphasize a story that someone told.
What art is in our chruch today? Why is it there?
Who were the Apostolic Fathers? When did they write?
Clement of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch, Polycarp, Barnabas
85-150 AD
4 men
_5-15_0 AD
When did John die? Why?
About 100 AD
Died a natural death
What happened in 107 AD?
Bishop St. Ignatius of Antioch was martyred
When was the second Jewish rebellion? What were its results?
132-135 AD
Jerusalem was destroyed; population dies or flees
What happened in 155 AD?
Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna, burned
When were Christians in Egypt persecuted?
200 AD; martyred by the thousands
What happened in 215?
Clement of Alexandria, theologian, died
What happened from about 235 to 270?
Roman persecution of Christians under several emperors; Christianity grows; Carthage becomes a Christian center in Africa
When were the first Christian buildings made?
What happened in 287?
Mass conversion of Armenia; Kind Tridates makes Christianity official state religion
When did Diocletian persecute Christians?
303-304; scriptures burned, thousands killed
When was Constantine baptized?
337- a few days before his death!
What happened in 339?
Christians persecuted in Persia (Iran)
What did Julian the Apostate do? When did he do this?
361; attempted to restore paganism to Roman Empire
When was the Nicene Creed finalized?
381 by Council of Constantinople
Who was John Chrysotom?
Bishop of Constantinople (beginning in 398)
What was the Council of Ephesus?
431; defined Mary as the theotokos; decided Jesus was fully human and fully divine