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Dictatus Papae
Gregory VII's dictate which says that the Pope is the one universal leader and only he can ordain bishops
Henry IV and the Investiture Controversy
After Gregory's Dictatus Papae, Henry tries to remove the Pope, the Pope however removes Henry IV, excommunicating him from the Church. Henry then stood outside for three days in sandals and sackcloth in the alps in January for penance. He was forgiven
Council of Investiture
Council that said that the College of Cardinals will elect Popes. This was passed because Henry IV was 6 at the time.
Three Important Women in 10th Century Papacy
Theodora (mother of Marozia), theodora (The sister of Marozia), and Marozia
the effective rule in Rome of Theodora and her daughter Marozia through male surrogates.
Effects of Fourth Lateran Council
1. Transubstantiation as official doctrine; 2. Episcopal Inquisition; 3. Annual Oral Confession; 4. Special clothes for Jews and Gentiles
Innocent III
called fourth Lateran Council and controlled most of Europe
Humiliation of Boniface VIII
Boniface threatened to excommunicate the Kings of France and England for raising war taxes. England ignored him, France cut his funds. Philip had Boniface arrested, Boniface refused, they burned down the church with him in it, then put him backwards on a horse and paraded him around town.
Unam Sanctum
Boniface's Papal bull declaring that Pope has supreme power over secular authority. "doctrine of 2 swords"
Babylonian Captivity of the Papacy
Popes residing in Avignon after the humiliation of Boniface. Pope's become figurehead puppets of French Kings.
Heloise, History of My Calamities, Sic et Non
Satisfaction Theory of Atonement, Father of Scholasticism, Ontological Argument for existence of God, "Why God Human"
Dominican monk, Summa Theologiae - 5 arguments for existence of God, becomes official theology of the church, influences sacraments