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What does the name Irenaeus mean?
Where was Irenaeus elected bishop?
Lyons, after the martyrdom of Pothinus
What were Bishop Irenaeus' three major accomplishments?
1)evangelized the country around Lyon
2)interceded with Victor in the Quartodeciman controversy over the date of Easter
3)confrontation with the Heretics, particularly Gnostics
What are two works of Irenaeus?
Refutation and Overthrow of the Knowledge Falsly So Called (aka Five Books Against Heresies)
Proof of the Apostolic Preaching
What are the contents of the 5 books in Irenaeus' Against Heresies?
1)exposing knowledge falsly so called (1Tim6.20)
2)casting down these views
3)tradition and Scripture
4)words of Jesus and continuity of the testaments
5)incarnation and recapitulation