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waht does תנ''ך stand for?
תורה נביאים כתובים
give 3 examples of each section of תנ''ך
תורה-בראשית שמות ויקרא
נביאים-יהושע מלאכים א שמואל א
כתובים-מגילה רות, אסתר, ואיכה
what does מגילה mean?
wheres the מגילה's place in the תנ''ך
waht r the 4 מצבות of Purim?
משלח מנות
מתנות לאביונים
סעודת פורים
לקרא המגילה
Put these in order
a. Cyrus (Koresh), 1st Persian king, gives OK to Jews to return to Israel and rebuild temple.
b. Jeremiah tells Jews to settle in Bavel
c. 1st temple destroyed by Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar
d. Story of Esther
e. 70 years of exile are up and Jews can now return
f. Babylonian Empire conquered by Persians
g. Jews are exiled to Bavel by Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar
who am i?
king of persia
ruled 127 provinces
held a party
gogt rid of his queen
held a pageant 2 find a new wife and chose אסתר
gave המן his signet ring 2 put on a document 2 kill hte jews
who am i?
king of בבל
destroyed the 1st בית המיקדש
exiled the jews
who am i?
old queen of persia
refused 2 come down 2 אחשורוש's party
threw a banquet
who am i?
saves אחשורוש's life by turning in בגתן ותרש
אסתר's uncle
didnt bow down to המן
publicly mourned
told אסתר of the decree
who am i?
new queen of persia
won pageant and married אחשורוש
fasted for 3 days and had all jews fast with her because she was going 2 the king without permission
who am i?
2 of the kings servants who guarded the threshold
plotted 2 kill the king
בגתן ותרש
who am i?
kings wingman
plotted to killl hte jews
wanted all of the jews to bo down 2 him
was hung with all his sons
who am i?
kings servant
got all the women ready for the king and favored אסתר
who am i?
1 of the kings servants who served אסתר
helped אסתר communicate with מרדכי
1st party
who was invited?
how long did it last?
why did he have this party?
whats ושתי's fate?
his officers and workers שריו ועבדיו
180 days (6 months)
it was politcally motivated to please the people who keep him in power
she was 2 be no longer before the king
2nd party
who was invited?
how long did it last?
why did he have this party?
whats ושתי's fate?
the common people in שושן
7 days (1 week)
2 intimidate and show off welath and power so he would stay in power
she would be no longer before the king
who am i?
told jews 2 settle in בבל since they were going 2 be there for 70 years
who am i?
1st persian king
allowed jews 2 return 2 israel and rebuild the בית המיקדש
Why is Esther sending out a second letter a year later?
Because people were not keeping/ observing Purim as Mordechai had them originally accept it (those days to be observed yearly as Purim- the 4 MItzvot)
what does she request from the חכמים?
קיבעוני לדורות : establish Purim as a holiday forever.
כתבוני לדורות : Make the Megilla a part of Tanach.
What was the argument of the Chachamim against making Purim a holiday?
To have a day set in the calendar where we publicly discuss the downfall of those who tried to harm us and our resulting success, would incite the anger of the Gentiles on to us.

She answered: It is already written as basic historical fact in the chronicles of the kings of Persia and Media.