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What part of the Seder do we tell the story of Passover?
What are the methods of story telling?
Act it out
Using props/ visual aids
Language comprehension
Through song
Which method of story telling did the rabbis favor? & How do we know?
Using props/ visual aids
- In the seder, using props and/or visual aids are mostly used to tell the story
- Sader Plate

The rabbis made the hagada as a visual aid
Why is the method that the rabbis favored a good method to use?
To help us experience/understnad the different aspect of going out of egypt
How do many people perceive the concept of a "Chosen People"?
As racist and mindful of the Nazi concept of a supreme "Aryan" nation
What does the word "chosen," not assert (mean) about the Jews?
racialy superior
What made Avraham so different from everyone else in the world?
"...he took the mantel."
He came to believe in one god - HaShem
What was God's original plan for the entire world?
They were supposed to be god's messsengers - they were to serve HaShem
Being chosen means the Jews have an extra responsibility: What is that?
Living as a model community
True or False?

For a person to achieve a place in the World to Come they must be Jewish
True or False

Torah is for all humanity
True or False

Non-Jews were not permitted to bring offerings to the Temple
True or False

Jews do not prselytize in search of converts
True of False

Any person -- regardless of national or racial background -- can choose to accept the Torah and become part of the Jewish nation
Which two people are mentioned in the article to be converts?
Rut & Onkelus
Conversion is supposed to paralle what event in Jewish history?
Sanai - Reveiving the Torah
According to the Code of Jewish Law, what are the three requirements for a valid conversion?
Mikvah, Brit Milah, Mitzvot
Explain the concept of YiBoom
The Levirate Marriage

If a husband dies, leaving his wife childless, the brother of the deceased married the wife, they have children and those children carry on the name of the deceased to perpetuate/ continue the memory of the deceased and if he chooses not to he performs a ceremony called Chalitza
Explain the concept of Chalitza
He removes his shoes and she spits in it as a sign of the fact that he is allowing the memory of his dead brother to be erased