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What is considered legally blind?
if he or she has a BCVA that does not exceed 20/200 in his or her better eye or of they hacae a visual field diameter og 20 degrees or less.
What is amblyopia?
a type blindness that may occur if strabismus is not corrected by 4-6 years old.
aqueous humor?
found in the anterior segment of the eye. fluid that is secreted by the ciliary body and reabsorbed by the sclera.
An abnormal curvature of the cornea that distorts the visual image. Light rays are spread over a diffuse area rather than a sharp;y focused on the retina.
failure of muscle coordination and may be present in people with vestibular disease.
Sensory perception?
the translation and organization of sensations from the environment into meaningful information.
An act or an agent that stimulates a receptor.
Specialized nerve cell that is stimulated by a stimulas.
What is kinesthetic stimuli?
provide an awareness of the position and movements of a person's body parts.
Visceral stimuli
are stimuli produced by large organs within the body.
Does the sclera and cornea belong in the inner eye, outer or middle?
Outer layer.
What part of the eye is the iris , choroid, and ciliary body?
middle layer.
nearsightness- unable to see road signs at a distance.
farsightedness-unable to read objects close up!
Name the 2 photoreceptors?
rods & cones
Which photoreceptor functions in night vision.
Which photoreceptor functions in bright light & color vision?
Which photoreceptor functions for visual acuity?
The anterior cavity of the eye contains jelly-like substance called what?
Aquaous humor
The posterior cavity of the eye contains jelly-like substance called what?
Vitreous humor.