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Recumbent adj.
Reclining; laying down
Pedestrian n.
going on foot; walking
Supplication n.
asking for humbly or earnestly; praying
Remonstrated v.
Melancholy adj.
sadness; depression; gloom
Condescension n.
Being courteous with a superior air
Capacious adj.
Spacious; large
Benevolence n.
Generosity; kindness
Sordid adj.
Filthy; vile
Adversary n.
Opponent; enemy
Prodigiously adj.
Enormously; hugely
Consolation n.
Comfort; compassion
Disdaining n.
Treating with scorn or contempt
Facetious adj.
Humorous; merry
Officious adj.
Meddlesome; self-important
Ubiquitous adj.
Being everywhere
Odious adj.
Livid adj.
Angry; furious
Execrable adj.
Very bad; offensive
Precepts n.
Practical rules guiding conduct
Encompass v.
To surround
Latent adj.
Dormant; hidden
Obscure adj.
Dark; vague; unclear
Infamous adj.
Notoriously bad
Loiter i.v.
Hang around; linger
Detestation n.
Intense dislike; aversion
Relents i.v.
Softens in attitude or temper
Essence n.
Inexorable adj.
Relentless; unyielding
Intercedes i.v.
Pleads on another's behalf
Dispelled v.
Scattered; caused to vanish
Extravagance n.
Extremely abundant; excessive
Illustrious adj.
Glorious; brilliant
Recompensed t.v.
Blithe adj.
Carefree and happy
Portly adj.
Stout; fat
Unanimity adj.
Complete agreement
Feign v.
Abstinence n.