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unconditional love

brotherly love

erotic love
roman empoer that made Christianity official religion of rome
consubstantiation vs transubstantiation
symbolic, literal transformation of bread
salvation= what to what
sin to eternal life
martyr for christianity

great missionary for christianity
certificates able to be purchased in early catholic church to be saved from sins you have commited
council of nicea determined...
trinity should be worshipped equally

jesus created by god rather than from him
luther observed....
simony- selling
nepotism-handing down
idea of eternal life
establish right relationship wit god


concern for neighbor
teachings of paul
jesus is the messianic figure

salvation is found in him

love your neighbor and god
where was god in the holocaust
1. eclipse when he turned his head

2. never answered, doesnt matter, their faith is to strong

3. punsihment from god
anguish of being a christian

augsustine, kierkegaard
lust and sin at a young age. exerpiences with women, many temptations. where was god to put you on the right path?

impossible to obey christianity, to much pressure from society. some people are simply born into the faith. Christianity is living a hell on earth.
similarities with eastern religions
god is everywhere

being is=producing good karma

not holding onto earthly treasures (impermanence)

do things for god vs do things to better yourself
MLKs teachings (3)
responsibility to underprivelaged

unconditional forgiveness

being morally noble > being socially respectable
carmodys view on women
jesus's ministry accepted women

women are allowed to become nuns

some churches, women are allowed to become priests

women linked to sexual desires

were to believed that they lacked human reason