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What does Exodus mean in Hebrew?
These are the names
What are the two emphasises on
Deliverence and Covenant
What two genres are in exodus?
Narriative amd legal/structure
Why are there no dates for exodus?(2 reasons)
no egyptian documents or dates in exodus
What is the supposed dynasty and why?
Hykosos they were semetic people that took over the isrealites and placed them as slaves.
why did the pharoh not accept the isrealites?
-too many to much power
-didn't know joseph
What was pharoh's idea to stop the promblems?
kill the baby boys
and make the people work harder
Who were the two midwives?
shipharh and Puah
What is ironic about the story of moses?
-isrealite in pharroh's house
-water was death but for moses it was life.
why does moses fled egypt?
killed an egyptian for betting a isrealite
Where does moses flee to after he kills the egyptian?
What are the 4 questions and responses b/t moses ang god
who am I-> I will protect u
What is ur name-> Yahwah
What if they don't believe-> magical signs
Pick someone else->Aarron
What is hollyman term for the god vs pharoh relasionship?
the mighty hand of god vs.Hardening of pharoh's heart
what are the three things that come from passover?
fesitival of unleven bread
conceration of first born
What are the four obstaces that once they leave they must face?
bitter water-> made sweet with wood
hungar-> Mahna and Quail
thirst-> water from a rock
attack->defeat of Amalek (the raising arm thing)
What is significant of the movement exodus 19-40
no geographical movement
what is another word for the ten commandments?
What are the two types of commandments?
vertical and horizontal
What are the 6 covenant things
sabbath and festivals
THe three things that make isreal different
What does leviticus mean in english and hebrew
pristly instruction
and he the lord called
What are the 4 parts of leviticus?
Call to holiness
day of attonment
Sabbath and Jubilee Years
what does numbers mean in hebrew
in the wilderness
What are the three parts of numbers?
prepartation for the jounary
preparation to enter promise land
What does deutoeronomy mean?
these are the words
2nd law
what is the historical situation of deutoeronomy?
preparing to enter the land
What is the significant content of the final speech?
call to obidenance
lessons of law
choice of life and death
joshua sessorer
what does joshua mean?
salvation/be deliver of people of isreals
what is the defining narriative of the occupation form?
Who is Rahab?
a hooker he slept the two spys and the lord saved him from destroytion
What is shoplet?
to put something back in proper order
who is Edud?
left handed Benjaminite; kills Eglon
whos deboarah?
most honorable
Who is gideon?
refused to be king and but became one anyway
what is the theme of Ruth?>
emptyness to fullness
What happens in the acts of ruth?
Act 1: Death and Emptiness/ Act 3: Threshing floor—Boaz as kinsman redeemer