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religious organization united under a single legal/ administration body and subscribing to a set creed/code
the movement to unite Christians
spread the "Good News" (Gospel)
to try to convert
-2nd oldest christian denomination/ 2nd largest
-basis in apostolic tradition
-great east/west schism
-Divine liturgy/ iconostasis
-7 sacraments
-married male clergy
-Martin Luther
-Book Of Concord
-Salvation= grace/faith/scripture
-ministers are both men and women
-infant baptism and Lord's supper
-ELCA and Missouri Synod- ministries
roots in calvanism
church of scotland
infant baptism and "symbolic presence"
predestination--> gospel of wealth
elders/synods (authority)
Book of Confessions
Episcopal Church
-Henry VIII
-Anglican Communion
-Episcopal Authority + Ordinances- marriage; Sacraments- baptism, communion;
-Book of Common Prayer
-Ecumenical Dialogue (welcoming, extremely tolerant)
no pope
-John Wesley (Anglican Priest)
-Revival Movement- Methods of Piety
-Thomas Coke (Baltimore)
- less sacramental, more biblical
-1968: The United Methodist Church
-Baptists- English Separatist (John Smyth, Roger Williams)
- Congregational Autonomy
- no infant baptism
- Emphasis on Scripture- Moraltiy
- Variety of worship styles
Religious Society of Friends
- Quakers
- George Fox
- "inner light"- religious certainty/ assurance
- rejection of outward signs of religion (sacraments, institutions, rituals, ministers)
- Nonconformist, Pacifist
- tolerant, no formal structure
- no hierarchy
Mennonite/ Amish/ Brethren
- Menno Simmons
- Strict followers of New Testament
- Amish- Jacob Amman- Split over shunning
- Church of the Brethren- Alexander Mack
- 3X Baptism and Holy Communion
Millenialist Groups
- Emphasize 2nd coming of Christ to judge the living and the dead
- 1,000 years of bliss
- 19th Century America = expectation/prediction -> Adventist
- William Miller (Baptist Minister... founder)
Seventh Day Adventist
- James and Ellen White
- Saturday Worship
- Judgment began 1844
Jehovah Witnesses
- broke away from adventists
- Charles Taze Russell
- The Watchtower (book of their beliefs)
- worship in Kingdom Halls
- Christ and 144,000 have immortal souls
- Theocratic Kingdom- no army, no oaths, no politics
Branch Davidians
-offshoot of radical Adventists
- Victor T. Houteff founder
- key player: David Koresh
- Waco, TX
- OK City
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
- Joseph Smith (Angel Moroni)
- Book of Mormon (lost tribes of Israel)
- Missionary activism, strict morals, Marriage, Family, no drinking, no cursing, no caffeine
- president (no pope)
Church of Christian Scientist
- founder, Mary Baker Eddy
- Christ healed by spiritual influence
- Science and Health
- Christ will lead us to the truth that God is good and there is no room for sickness
- rooted in Holiness Movement
- Sanctification by baptism of the Holy Ghost
- Glossolalia (speaking in tongues)
- Charles Parham
- W.J. Seymour
- Second Coming
- prevalent in the West
Roman Catholicism
- Apostolic Tradition
- Pope
- Formal Hierarchial Structure
- Male celibate priesthood
- Scripture/ Tradition
- Sacramental Worship "Real Presence"
- Communion of Saints
Byzantine Rite
- Ukrainian Catholic Church
- Authority of the Pope
- branch of Catholicism
Church of the New Jerusalem
- Emmanuel Swedenborg
- Academy of the New Church- Bryn Athyn Cathedral
- Celestial Marriage
Church of Scientology
- new age spirituality
- L. Ron Hubbard
- Dianetics