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Who was the explorer who looked for the northwest passage?
Jacques Cartier
Who were the people enslaved by the Spaniards and died from overwork,hunger and diseases?
Native Americans
Who founded the colony at Roanoke Island?
Sir Walter Raleigh
Who founded Quebec and Montreal?
Samuel de Chaplain
Who was the Spanish explorer who set out to find the Seven Cities of Gold?
Francisco Vasquez
Where did the Netherlands have colonies and what were their sources of wealth in these colonies?
Hudson River Valley; furs and trade
Who was the leader of the Spanish conquistadors who conquerored the Aztecs?
Hernando Cortes
Where did England have colonies and what were their sources of wealth?
Virginia, Plymouth; tobacco
Who were the people who came to North America to convert the natives to Christianity?
Who were the people brought to America against their will to work for the colonists?
Who was the leader of the Incas that was killed by the Spanish?
What Spanish explorer claimed the southeastern United States for Spain/
Hernando De Soto
Who was the Indian who taught the Pilgrims how to fish and plant crops?
Who named present day Florida?
Juan Ponce de Leon
Who was the leader of the Aztecs when Europeans came to Mexico?
Where did France have colonies and what were their sources of wealth in these colonies?
Canada, New France; furs and trade
Who ardered his soldiers to kill the Inca emperor?
Francisco Pizarro
Explain why the colonists cooperated with Native Americans and why they had conflicts with each other
List several reasons