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Gram is used to measure . . .
Liter is used to measure . . .
Meter is used to measure . . .
Doses are calculated using metric measurements that relate to . . .
weight and volume
Of the three things above, what isn't used to calculate doses?
Meter isn't used to calculate doses
International System of Units is sometimes abbreviated . . .

an abbreviation for the French System International d'Unites
why do we use the metric system and not the Apothecary system?
metric is more precise

Ex babies are weighed in grams & kilograms, and adults in kilograms, not lbs. & oz.s
what is used to measure someone's height?
linear measurements in meter & centimeters
1,000 one thousand times
0.01 one hundreths part
0.001 one thousanths part of
0.000001 one millionith part of
100 one hundred times
10 ten times
o.1 one tenth
mcg means ?
microgram or µg

BUT don't use µg b/c it looks like mg and can cause lots of trouble, see why?
is it ml or mL ?

the L is capitalized on purpose
gram will be used as gm or Gm

what are we talking about?
Use standard SI notation


gram g
microgram mcg
milligram mg
kilogram kg
liter L
milliliter mL
we don't use quanities with a fraction . . .
use: 0.4g or 0/5L

NOT 2/5 g or 1/2 L
write the abbrevations where?
after the quanity

Ex 1,000 mg NOT mg 1,000
weight is in grams

1,000 mg = ?
1 g
Volume uses the what abbreviation?
L for Liter

1,000 mL = 1 L

1mL = 0.001 L
cubic centimeter is how much space?
the space 1mL of liquid occupies

abbreviated as cc

mL and cc are used interchangibly

BUT mL is used for volume, not cc! **************************

See, a cup will show mL on its side, not cc's.
Got to memorize this:

1 kilogram kg = 1,000 g
1 gram g = 1,000 milligrams mg
1 milligram mg = 1,0000 what???
Got to memorize this:

1 Liter = 1,000 milliliters

theres the deal with pints and quarts being almost the same as metric. what about this?
the thing is pints & quarts aren't used around hospital areas BUT you'll run into it in a home enviroment so you have to know it for that
1 pint ≈ 500 mL

1 quart ≈ 1,000 mL

whats wrong here?
not exact, both Apothocary units are less than the metric
Conversions b/t Metric Units Now

Rule 1

to convert a smaller unit to a larger one, ...?
divide by moving the decimal point 3 places to the left

Ex 100mL = 0.1L
another example of converting a smaller unit to a larger one ...

Ex 50mg = ...?
50 mg = 0.05g

Placing the zero in front of the decimal is a BIG DEAL
To convert a larger number to a smaller one,

multiply by moving the decimal 3 places to the right

Ex 0.75g = 750mg
Ex 0.04kg = 40g