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The ideas for the Constitution came from
Europe's Enlightenment Thinkers
Government and church officials fought against Enlightenment ideas with
colonists resented the British taxes they were required to pay because
They had no representation in Parliament
The war with Britain helped the US gain global prominence
by increasing its territory and trading opportunities
What work did the majority of the people in Britain do during the 1700's/
How did business and commerce in England differ from business and commerce in France?
England put fewer restrictions on trade.
Which values put forth during the enlightenment most likely influenced the language "make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" which is incuded in the First Amendment
The idea that different cultures, beliefs, ideas, and value systems had equal value
Who put forward the principles of checks and balances
What advantage did Britain have during the revolutionary war?
They had a well trained army
How did the Enlightenment effect the peasants?
It had little effect on their lives
Robideaux Chpt 5 test pt. 1
cut apart and study
The philosophe Voltaire defended
freedom of speech
The long term assumptions about sovereignty were challenged during the Enlightenment and the ideas were instead proposed that
governments are bound to the will of the people
Britain became a global power in the 1700's largely because
it had a strong navy
The writings of the Enlightenment philosophers in Europe encouraged later political revolution with their support of
the natural rights of man
Trade within the colonies of the British empire was controlled by
Great Britain
What type of government is it where the people choose their king or queen. When the king or queen step down, their son will take over the reign of power. This is known as a
The established social order was challenged by the Thinkers of the Age of Reason
by calling for a just society based on reason
The Declaration of Independence clearly reflects the ideas of
John Locke
What was the status of women during the Enlightenment?
It offered women training in the arts, but forbid them to learn about science
According to Montesquieu, the purpose of the separation of powers was to
protect the liberties of the people
American resentment of British rule increased after 1763 over
taxation without representation
the writers and philosophers of the Enlightenment believed the government decisions should be based on
laws of nature and reason