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What were the wages and hours like for the people that worked in the factories of the 1840's and 1850's?
they worked for longer hours and lower wages
What kind of housing did the cities have for the factory workers of this time?
dark dingy houses
what was the average work day for a family working in a factory?
got up at 4 a.m. started work 7 a.m. lunch and breakfast at noon/ work day ended 7:30 pm
list two hazards that many workers faced while working in the factories:
in summer heat and humidity were stifling

in winter cold caused illness
Why were these hazards ingnored by the owners of the factories?
there were no laws to protect the people
what would happen to injured workers
they would lose their jobs
Why did they say that American Factory workes were better off than European factory workers?
American workers were better off because they had work and regular pay. European workers often had not work
1) What was a skilled worker?

2) Give an example of a skilled worker?
1) A skilled worker has a trade

2) shoemaker
In the past young men learned a skill by becoming an
what are some of the things that trade unions called (asked) for?
higher wages, better working conditions, shorter workday.
Since strikes were illegal what could happen to the striking workers?
get a fine or jail sentence and strike leaders were fired.
what were unskilled workers
they had little or no training. they were easily replaced