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RNA differs from DAN in that RNA
a. is single stranded
b. contains a different sugar molecule
c. contains the nitrogen base uracil
d. all of the above
D all of the above
Which of the following is not found in DNA?
a. adenine
b. cytosine
c. uracil
d. None of the above
C. uracil
In RNA molecules, adenine is complementary to
a. cytosine
b. guanine
c. thymine
d. uracil
D uracil
The function of rRNA is to
a. syntesize DNA
b. synthesize mRNA
c. form ribosomes
d. transfer amino acidds to ribosomes
C. form ribosomes
During transcription,
a. proteins are sysntesized
b. DNA is replicated
c. RNA is produced
d. translation occurs
C. RNA is produced
During transcription, the genetic information for making a protein is "rewritten" as a molecule of
a. messenger RNA
b. ribosomal RNA
c. transfer RNA
d. translation RNA
A. messenger RNA
Transscription is the process by which genetic information encoded in DNA is transferred to a(n)
a. RNA molecule
b. DNA molecule
c. uracil molecule
d. tranposon
A. RNA molecule
Refer to the illustration above. What is the portion of the protein milecule coded for by the piece of mRNA shown in the diagram?
a. Ser-tyr-Arg-Gly
b. Val-Asp-Pro-His
c. Ley-Lys-Cys-Phe
d. Pro-Glu-Leu_Val
c. Ley-Lys-Cys-Phe