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movement of people from farms and villages to cities
the people who make the laws must also obey them
limited government
benefits and protections guaranteed to you by law
share a common language, history, and origin
ethnic group
duties you owe to your fellow citizens
study the interaction of people and society
social scientists
different from the people with the most power and wealth
miniority group
the rulers can do whatever they want
unlimited government
practices handed down from the past
organize facts aboput the Earth's surface and people
major responsibility of a democratic citizen
the form of government of the United States of America
representative democracy
communism is an example of what type of economy?
command economy
countries with alot of manufacturing are known as:
industralized countries
as countries globalize, they become what?
more interdependent
In a market economy, individuals determine demand, supply and______________
Waking up to rock music, putting on denim jeans, and celebrating the 4th of July are all part of the American_________________
Some people migrate because they are "pulled" by__________
opportunities for a better life
The majority in a region_________
control most of the wealth and power
Food production has increased faster than population on all continents except__________
Why is our world "shrinking"?
The rule of Saddam Hussein in Iraq was an example of_______
type of government.
Merchants and traders formerly were the major cause of ___________
cultural diffusion
Voting is a form of______________
civic participation
The United States of America has what form of economy?
mixed economy
Define ethnic group.
people who share a common culture, language and hsitory
Define minnority group.
group of people who are different in some characteristic from the group
with the most power and wealth
Name the 7 continents
Europe, North America, South America. Asia, Australia, Africa, Anarctica
Name the 4 oceans
Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, and Arctic