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What happened after the Battle of Seven Oaks?
- colony was destroyed by Metis/ NWC
- Selkirk hired Swiss Mercenaries to accompany him
- MacDonnell told him of Seven Oaks
- Selkirk seized NWC Forts
- Put Red River Valley under military control
- Started colony for third time
Why did the colony created conflict?
- it was in the middle of Metis territory
- colonists couldn't farm
- Pemmican Proclamation
- HBC colony in the middle of Metis who were loyal to NWC
- Selkirk invoked military control
What did Selkirk try to do?
- set up a settlement then a colony for the crofters
- establish a food source for HBC
- tried to turn settlement into a Colony.
Who was Thomas Douglas/ Earl of Selkirk
- directory of the HBC
- liberal democrat
- 5th Earl of an estate called Selkirk
- vision
How did Selkirk try to secure the land?
Tried to make a treaty with the local Ojibwa and Cree nations to gain possession of Red River Valley