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process of changing from rural to a city-dwelling population that results in densely populated and vast numbers of city buildings;this resulted in latin america after WWII when population rose
movement for the creation of an independent state;quebecois felt that they were the victoms of discrimination and french canadians suppoted this(seperation of quebec from canada)
direct popular vote on a legislative act or some public issues;federal gov. tried to discourage separatism by recognizing quebecs heritage, in the official business act of 1967 the gov. recognized as national languages both english and french-in a popular vote in quebec 59% of the voters supported remaining a part of canada
civil rights
rights guaranteed to citizens under the constitution; african americans-predudice limited the opportunities for education and jobs, they were treated as social inferiors and dinied full rights of citizens
a loss of money resulting from expenditures exceeding income;foreing companies began to expand within the U.S. itself, the effect of this was an increase in (shortfall in revenue)in the nations balance of payments as imports exceeded exports.
liberation theology
the doctrine that the church has a moral obligation to use political action to improve the plight of the poor
"shirtless ones"; peron recognized the potential political power of the urban people
the policy of expanding business or product lines to increase the variety of items produced;relieing on a single major export ment risk, so after WWII latin america reduced their dependence on single exports
import substitution
the policy of replacing foreign goods with locally-manufactured products;countries tried to encourage industrial development at home by borrowing heavily from foreign banks to launch new industries and by putting high tariffs on manufactured goods impoted from abroad- this was most successful in the larger latin american countries;britain becam the worlds fourth largest manufacturer of automobiles