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what is the reticular formation
continuation of central gray matter of cord (column of cells)
where does the reticular formation receive information from
where do the fibers of the pontine RF and the medullary RF go to and what do they do
ventral horn cells
control motor activity of locomotion and posture
where do 1/3 of the fibers in the corticospinal tract come from
sensory fibers
sensory fibers come into the cord
cortex controls its own input
how does the cortical output activate and inhibit for movement
through basal ganglia
what would happen with a lesion in the basal ganglia
inadequate output
could lead to excessive movement
what are the UMN signs
spastic paralysis
where are the LMN located
ventral horn (skeletal m) of gray matter
lateral horn
parasympathetic nuclei in brain stem
axons go out to innervate what
skeletal muscle
what are the peripheral fibers of the LMN
extensions of cell body in nucleus
what are the causes of LMN not working
lack of genetic ability to stop Ab from attaching Ach receptors
crunch of nerve motor fibers
lack of UMN from firing
dz affecting LMN (distal m)
what is the first thing to suffer if the nerve cell has a lack of energization
Na/K pump
becomes less negative rises closer to threshold
easier to polarize and more sensitive
what does a fasciculation in a muscle mean
UMN lesion
what is a fibrilation
individual contraction of a single muscle fiber
what does the frontal lobe do
controls sensory input
can block out outside input thru inhibiting thalamus
what is the tectum
what is the tegmentum
floor of brainstem
what is receptive dysphasia
problem with language
wernicke's area in superior/posterior temporal lobe
what is expressive aphasia
problem with expressing language
broca's motor speech area (understand what they say but is not what they wanted to say)
where is the right anterior cingulated cortex
just above the corpus callosum