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DD Palmer years
Where was DD born
DD's father's and borther's name
The best physician
Dr's Diet, Quiet, and Merryman
Who was DD's first wife?
Abba Lord
What did DD and Abba Lord do as a profession?
Beekeepers (commercial appiarists) and they discovered a new raspberry: "Sweet Home"
Who was BJ's mom (DD's 2nd wife)?
Louvenia Landers
What other health care profession was DD before he became a chiropractor?
A magnetic healer
"Cures without medicine"
anti medicine add that DD published in the newspaper
what was BJ's son's name?
David Daniel Palmer
who sued a patient for $20 and why?
DD Palmer to establish his right to practice without a license
the deaf man that DD cured
Harvey Lillard
What was the term that DD coined?
Who coined the term chiropractic?
Rev. Samuel Weed
What does chiropractic mean?
practice by hand
Oakley Smith
The Father of Naprapathy

Cofounded the American School of chiropractic and wrote Modernized Chiropractic with Langworthy and Paxson
Who was BJ's wife?
Mabel Heath
Who was the "1st lady of Chiropractic"?
Mabel Heath Palmer
What did DD's college of chiropractic in Oregon become?
-Peerless College of Chiropractic and Naturopathy

-then Western States Chiropractic College
Why was BJ sued after his father died?
for patricide by Joy Loban
Where are DD's ashes?
in a memorial bust at PSC in 1921
what does BJ stand for?
Bartlett Joshua
BJ Palmer years
vouchers that BJ made for circus people to recieve chiropractic care anywhere on his dime
Who was Tom Morris?
Shegataro Morikubo's attorney and the Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin
What was the first national organization?
Langworthy's ACA
What was BJ's 1st national organization?
BJ adopted Langworthy's terms for what?
DX= analyze
Ph. C.
A philosopher of Chiropractic degree
Ronald Reagan
sports announcer for BJ's radio show
NCM debacle
Dossa Evans- used to find hot boxes like in Grastik
Who were the "Big 3"?
Firth, Vedder, and Burich
What did the "Big 3" do?
they were big-time faculty at PSC that left because they didnt agree with HIO
BJ retired the year before his father passed to do what?
teach (in 1912)
"misaligned" vertebrae
anything below C2
Why did BJ and DD die?
BJ= gastric ulcer
Who was the Educator?
David Daniel Palmer

-he went to business school and saved PSC from ruin
-he also changed the name to Palmer School of Chiropractic
Who was the 1st non-relative owner of PSC?
Jerome McAndrews

-he was also the president of ICA
The nickname for PSC
the Fountainhead
What did Hippocrates say?
"Look to the spine for signs of disease"
Where is Bonesetting a licensed profession?
Japan, but chiropractic is not :(
who wrote the textbook for bonesetting?
Friar Moulton
Why were 19th century peeps afraid of spinal manipulation?
they didn't want to get diseases from skin to skin contact
Who was the Dr. who was knighted? He was also known as a manipulative surgeon and osteopath...
Sir Herbert Barker
Who introduced Homeopathy?
The Father of Homeopathy
what is homeopathy and what did it influence?
Like treats like

-influenced vaccinations and nitroglycerine for heart problems

-height of homeopathy was in the late 1800s
What were heroic remedies?
stuff like bleeding and leeching
home healthcare in the 19th century
home healthcare books were very popular
Medical professionals
Normal people who were not medical professionals

Medical people were very discriminatory
who wrote the dissertation on Palmer's life?
What does osteopathy focus on?
the circulatory system
Father of Osteopathy
Andrew Taylor Still
What happened to Still's kids?
They died from Meningitis
Who talked about the importance of nerves and blood vessels before either profession existed?
What's P,S, and U and who believed in it?
Pure, specific, and unadulterated chiropractic

who invented the Aquarian technique?
Hughes... but Logan stole it and renamed it Logan Basic
what does Naprapathy focus on?
(ligatites- partial immobility of a joint)
What was the 2nd edition of Modernized Chiropractic called?
Naprapathy Genetics... and it only had Smith listed as the author
Who was Andrew P. Davis and what did he write?
Creator of Neuropathy/Neurology

-he wrote Osteopathy illustrated for Still

-he studied and taught with Still and Palmer but then left them when he thought that he had invented something better
Who wrote Osteopathy Illustrated?
Andrew P. Davis
Who was Albert Adams?
-spondylotherapy (percussion of the SP's)

-ERA (Electronic Reactions of Adams)

Who was Willard Carver?
-he was crippled as a child and chiropractic fixed him

-"Carver bridge" adjusting technique

-he opened a school with LL Denny =Carver-Denny College= Carver College of Chiropractic which was the first school to recieve a state charter (Oklahoma)
What was the first school to receive a charter?
Carver College of Chiropractic
Who was John Fitzalan Howard?
he opened a school in the ryan building where DD had his office

the school was National College
Name the presidents of National College of Chiropractic in succession
John Fitzalan Howard
William Charles Schultze
Joseph Janse
Who was Joseph Janse?
"Old Dad Chiro of our time"

he introduced PT (physiotherapy)
When was physical therapy recognized as a profession?
after WWII
Who was Joy Loban?
selected by BJ to teach philosophy at PSC but then he walked out with a bunch of students and started: Universal Chiropractic College
How many diff Chiro schools have there been over the years?
What did DD Palmer's diploma entitle the graduate to do?
practice and teach chiropractic
Why did Tullius de Florence Ratledge sell his school?
He thought that DC's should remain pure of medical therapies
Year CCCLA was created
Year CCCKC was created
Who was Carl S. Cleveland Sr's wife?
Who held the longest, 2nd longest, and 3rd longest terms as presidents of a chiropractic college?
1. BJ Palmer

2. Carl S. Cleveland, Sr

3. John Wolfe (Northwestern college)
What school did John E. LaValley create?
Peerless College of Chiropractic
Who purchased the Peerless College of Chiropractic and what did the school become?
William Alfred Budden

-Western States Chiropractic College in Oregon
What is the most medically oriented Chiro College?
Western States Chiro College in Oregon
Who were the founders of LACC?
Charles and Linnie Cale
Who was the president of Western States College after Budden?
Herbert Vear
Who was the DC to be charged with "about to practice medicine without a license"?
James Drain
What school was James Drain the president of?
Texas College of Chiropractic
Who started Eastern CC, which later became NY school?
Craig Kightlinger
What was Columbia Institute of Chiro and what did its name change to?
it was a culmunation of all the NY chiro schools

it changed its name to NYCC
who were the presidents of Columbia in succession?
Frank E. Dean then Ernest Napolitano (NYCC too)
What is NYCC's campus called?
Dwight D Eisenhower campus
Who was Hugh B. Logan?
pres of Logan Basic College and Technique
Who was Hugh Logan's son?
Vinton Logan
Who was the president of Minessotta Chiropractic?
Robert Ramsey
Who was the president of Northwestern?
John Wolfe
What does CMCC stand for?
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
Why was the Canadian school called CMCC?
DD was canadian and this school was created on the 50th anniversary of the 1st adjustment
who were the presidents of CMCC in succession?
B. Earl Homewood then Ian D. Coulter
What did Homewood write?
-Neurodynamics of the Vertebral Subluxation

-The Chiropractor and the Law in 1965
Who was Ian D. Coulter?
the pres of CMCC and he argued for higher educational standards
Who created Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in SC?
Thom Gelardi
What's FSCO?
Federation of Straight Chiropractic Organizations
What was the 2nd to last state to be licensed and name the year.
Mississippi - 1973
What was the last state to be licensed and name the year.
Louisianna - 1974
What was the first state to be licensed and name the year
Kansas - 1913
Who created Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in SC?
Thom Gelardi
What's FSCO?
Federation of Straight Chiropractic Organizations
What was the 2nd to last state to be licensed and name the year.
Mississippi - 1973
What was the last state to be licensed and name the year.
Louisianna - 1974
What was the first state to be licensed and name the year
Kansas - 1913
What year did CA recieve its licensure and why is it unique?
1922 - the only state to have its licensure voted for by the people
Who is the 1st generation chiropractor in the Cleveland family?
Silva Ashworth
Who is the 2nd generation chiropractors in the Cleveland family?
Carl S. Cleveland, Sr (and Ruth)
Who is the 3rd generation Chiropractors in the Cleveland Family?
Carl S. Cleveland, Jr (and Mildred)
Who is the 4th generation chiropractor in the Cleveland family?
Carl S. Cleveland, III
Who is the 5th generation chiropractors int the Cleveland family?
Dr. Ashley Cleveland
Who's inner circle was Silva Ashworth a part of?
BJ Palmer
What did Sylva and BJ do together?
They were a part of PSC and they were both founding members of the UCA
What did Sylva and BJ differ in opinion on?
Sylva= broad scoped and wanted to include everyone... she didnt like HIO
What is Sylva Ashworth's nickname?
The Grand Ol' Lady of Chiropractic
What award did Sylva Ashworth receive?
The Best Scientific Research Award (from NCA)
Who was the only woman to serve as a president of a national organization and was a founder of FCER and CCE?
Sylva Ashworth
What national organization was Sylva Ashworth president of?
What was the name of Sylva Ashworth's daughter?
Ruth Rose Ashworth
Were any of the Cleveland's ever jailed?
What was the 1st name of CCCKC?
Central Chiropractic College
Who started CCCKC?
Dr. Cleveland Sr, Ruth Rose, and Perl B. Griffin (brother in law)
When did Cleveland's CA school change its name from Ratledge College to CCCLA?
the 1950s
What degrees did Dr. Carl Cleveland Sr hold?
DC and Ph C
Who were the Best Man and Maid of Honor at Dr. Carl Cleveland, Sr's wedding?
BJ and Mabel Heath Palmer
Who did Dr. Carl Cleveland, Jr marry?
Dr. Millie (alison) Cleveland
under who's presidency did CCCLA increase their academic standards to include basic sciences so that the students could pass the boards?
Dr. Carl S. Cleveland, Jr.
Who was the ICA Chiropractor of the Year?
Dr. Carl S. Cleveland, Jr.
What is Dr. Carl S. Cleveland III's wife's name
When did Dr. CSC Sr pass away?
When did Dr. CSC, Jr pass away?
When did Ratledge college exist?
What is CCCLA and CCCKC's professional accredidation?
Chiropractic Accredidation
What is CCCLA and CCCKC's regional accredidation?
mainstream educational accreditation (units transfer)
What degrees does CCCLA and CCCKC offer?
What is the only college today lead by a pioneering family member?
what college did Joy Loban create?
Universal Chiropractic College