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clinical significance: floating pulse
exterior pattern- and rarely anemia or cancer
clinical significance: deep pulse
interior condition
clinical significance: deep and weak pulse
deficiency of qi and yang
clinical significance: deep and full pulse
either interior stasis of blood or qi
or interior cold or heat
clinical significance: slow pulse
cold pattern
how many beats per respiration cycle in a slow pulse?
3 beats per respiration cycle
clinical significance: slow and empty pulse
yang deficiency- (empty cold)
clinical significance: slow and full pulse
excess cold
clinical significance: rapid pulse
heat pattern
clinical significance: rapid and empty pulse
deficiency heat pattern
clinical significance: rapid and full pulse
excess heat pattern
how many beats per resp. cycle in a rapid pulse?
more than five
clinical significance: empty pulse
qi deficiency
what does and empty pulse feel like?
big but soft
clinical significance: full pulse
excess pattern
what does a full pulse feel like?
rather hard and rather long
clinical significance: slippery pulse
phlegm, dampness, food retention or pregnancy
clinical significance: choppy pulse
blood deficiency or fluid exhaustion- occuring after profuse prolonged sweat or vomit
name the three floating pulses
floating, hollow, leather
name the three deep pulses
deep, firm , hidden
name the two slow pulses
slow and knotted
name the four rapid pulses
rapid, hasty, hurried, moving
name the seven empty pulses
empty, weak, fine, minute, weak/floating, short and scattered
name the five full pulses
full, overflowing, wiry, tight, long