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Confucian classics
1. Shu Ching: Book of History
2. Shi Ching: Book of Odes
3. I Ching: Book of Changes
4. Li Chi: Book of Rites
5. Ch'u Ch'iu: Spring and Autum Annals
Four Books
1. Analects of Confucius: sayings of Confucius
2. Great Learning: moral philosophy for rulers
3. Doctrine of the Mean: human mind
4. Book of Mencius: commentary on righteous ruler qualities
Shih poems, early Han
irregular poetry, usually criticisms on government
Shih poems, later Han
-5 characters w/ caesura after 2nd or 7 with caesura after 5th
-even lines have end rhyme
Fu Poetry
-long descriptions w/ varying line length and interludes in prose
-early Han more politics
-later Han shallow and less realistic
-often in Q and A form
Yueh Fu
-literally Bureau that collected folk songs
-came to mean songs themselves
1st irregular style, then regulated
-subjects border duty or farming
-ex. I watered my horse at the long wall caves
Epistolary Form
-Poetry and Lit form using letters
-prefered style in many Chinese poems
Poem: I Watered my Horse at the Long Wall Caves

Give: Author, Style, and Subject
Author: Ch'en Li

Style: Han Dynasty Fu, more specifically Yueh Fu

Subject: 1st Half=man's discontent about cold, uncertainty, and monotony.
2nd half=dialogue/letters between man and wife. Man doubts he will return and asks her to find a new husband. She responds lovingly with loyalty. He tells her sons have no future, so to only give resources to daughters. She responds steadfast in loyalty, but near breaking point.
Novels that chronical a family or social group

Ex. The Good Earth and its 2 sequels